So I’ve been back to work for a few weeks now and it’s not so bad. I think it’s easier on me because I’m only in the office two days a week (I am so lucky and I love how flexible everyone is able to be with my schedule) and Brendan is home with Bridget when I’m not until September. It might be a little harder to leave her then.

Especially when she’s starting to be a lot of fun.


We’re taking her up to the cottage this weekend. Hopefully everything will go smoothly.


This week is my first week back at work. Yesterday went pretty well. I’m only here in the office for four hours in the mornings this week (except for Friday, since I now have those off) and Brendan is home with Bridget when I’m here — both things helped out a whole lot yesterday. I didn’t cry until I got home. Today seems to be going just fine, too.

It helps that I get here pretty darn early. I figure that I’m up anyway at 4am, so I might as well just stay up. Right now it seems like my whole life revolves around sleep. Getting Bridget to sleep well at night, getting her to take naps while not being held, thinking about the next time that I’ll get to sleep, too. I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon!

[Yet more photos of Bridget]

four, almost three

I have three days left in the office after I leave today. It’s starting to really hit home that it’s almost time. It’s weird, I hadn’t been thinking about the actual fact that we were having a baby for a while. I was too concentrated on all the things that we had to do to get ready, but now that’s just about finished. The nursery is all set. Clothes and blankets are washed and put away. We’re stocked up on diapers. Our bags are packed for the hospital. The carseat base is installed. What else is there to do but actually have a baby?

home stretch

Only 20 days until the official due date, and only eight days left that I’ll actually be in the office (being able to work from home is a wonderful thing). I’m feeling slightly more confident about the whole being a parent thing these days. At least we have a just about complete nursery (pictures later) now. We’re just missing a chair which isn’t the most crucial item.

We had a tour of the hospital yesterday. They’ve got some crazy security measures in place. Not only are we all given id bands, but the baby will get a sensor on her umbilical cord and if an unauthorized person (including me) takes her too close to an elevator or the stairs all sorts of alarms will go off, the elevators will stop working and security will swoop in. It all sounded very impressive and it wasn’t something I had thought about at all.

Tonight is our last childbirth prep class. Thank God. Our teacher is not my favorite person. Brendan likes her even less. She never ever shuts up. And she tells the same stories over and over. We got a syllabus at the start of the class but we haven’t followed it at all, and she’s always going over the scheduled time — by half an hour usually. She’s got some pretty strong opinions about medications and breast feeding and everything. She always says she’s not judging people who decide otherwise, but she is. It’s pretty obvious. At least we’ll be done with it tonight. Maybe there will even be a survey.

So that’s the terribly exciting update.


For people who wonder exactly what it is I do… We model things. One of the things I was working on coding around this time last year was Massachusetts healthcare. It’s good to see things go somewhere. I’m just a little cog in the machine — I don’t go talking to politicians, I just help with the data.

One more, this one actually mentions us…barely.


This is why traffic was snarled on 395 this morning? A small fire at the Pentagon during Rumsfeld’s breakfast meeting? I’m glad that "The fire did not disrupt Rumsfeld’s schedule". It sure did disrupt mine and just about everyone else going into DC via 395. Apparently the areas near the affected ductwork was the bus bay. They weren’t letting anyone in, so 395 was stopped clear back to Alexandria. Glad no one overreacted.


Yes, I know, I haven’t written anything in a long time. If you’re thinking that’s because we’ve been busy, decorating the house for Christmas, buying gifts, sending cards…you’d be totally wrong. Haven’t done any of that just yet. Hardly any shopping is done at all, and I just started addressing cards today. And no decorations or tree just yet.

So what has been going on? A whole lot of nothing. I keep meaning to post something, then I forget. When I remember, it’s too late. In fact, I was thinking about this very thing yesterday on the bus ride home and I had a whole list of things I was going to write about that I’d neglected to; however, I have forgotten all of it. I knew I should have written it down.

I swear I’m losing my mind.

Today, I’m working from home. While I’m still in my PJs and sitting on the couch with the TV on, I have gotten more things done than I do during the same time at the office. Fewer interruptions.

Tonight is the first of the holiday parties for us — it is Brendan’s office party. Like other people, I’m not the biggest fan of forced socializing, but I’ll be OK. His co-workers are nice people. Plus, there’s another party tomorrow (after we actually get our tree) and then a cookie exchange on Tuesday. There are more, but we’re not going.

big city excitement

Yeah, we’re on lockdown: there’s a bomb threat next door and they don’t want anyone on the sidewalk. Evidently though, it’s OK for people to be inside a building that shares a wall with the threatened one.

[Update 3:00pm: Whatever it was, and we’re told it was an "unspecified threat," it’s over now. It’s nice to know I’ll be able to go home later.]

i’m sorry baby

No, I haven’t forgotten about you. Things are just crazy busy, and I’m usually too exhausted at the end of the day to say much.

And it’s not like there aren’t things going on.

We had our first real party at the new house a few weeks ago. I’d say it was successful. People seemed to have had a good time. This Friday I am off to Portland (Oregon, not Maine) with my mother to visit my brother and his family over the long weekend. Brendan is staying behind. His project for the weekend is to assemble our new kitchen. We have new cabinets (IKEA, of course) waiting to be put together in the garage, and a new dishwasher and stove also sitting in the garage. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I got the better end of the deal on that one.


About every six months, we have a New Employee Reception here at work. Usually, I don’t go — mostly because it means talking to other people, and often, I actually have work to do anyway. This time around, the IT department actually had a couple of people to introduce, and since I work closely with one of them, I thought it would be nice to go.

The food is always good. I should say, the desserts are good. I don’t eat anything else. Cheese? Fruit? Who needs it, there are mini cheese cakes and chocolate!

Anyway, the people that get hired here most often are fresh out of college or grad school or something and they always have this huge list of awards, fellowships, grants and the like. And everyone takes it so seriously. Like, I went to an Ivy League school, graduated top of my class, had a fabulous internship somewhere impressive, got some great grant, wrote some very important paper and now, you lucky people, I have chosen to work here. Mostly it just makes me sick to my stomach, because it seems like a good chunk of those people hold on to that for as long as possible.

I did feel bad for this one poor girl though. She was being introduced by her center director, and he says "Donna* comes to us from," and he pauses, looks at her and says "did you ever graduate from high school?" She shakes her head no. "Well, she might not have finished high school but Prestigious University was kind enough to admit her, where she had three majors." At this point, she’s covering her face. Then he goes and adds a hobby, "she will enjoy drinking with her friends this weekend…. when she turns 21."

*not her real name (because I honestly don’t remember it anyway)


Brendan joined the party on January 2, 2004. He's cool now.

Jessica has never been cool. She is OK with that.

And just so everyone is clear, what we say here is not endorsed by either of our employers.