My brother got married this weekend. Of course, our camera battery was super-low (and we left without the charger), so we only got a few photos with our iPhones.

It was a really lovely ceremony and reception. 

Bridget was flower girl and did a really nice job of sprinkling and not squirming too much during the ceremony.  She looked 100% adorable (as usual), and by the time the third or forth person told her how pretty she was, she was over it and just said “Thanks” in a way that just meant “Yeah, I know”

After the ceremony, we all went down to the hall under the church and had our pictures taken in small groups and signed our own scrapbook page. Pretty sure my brother is going to have no problem figuring out which page is ours (even if Bridget hadn’t written her name as big as she could on the page). 

in case

In case you hadn’t noticed, our wedding and honeymoon photos are in the gallery. 

It’s been fun going through them again. Well, at least it’s been fun for me. Poor Brendan organized all the wedding photos into pre-ceremony, ceremony and reception and reasonable orders for each. And he also took off the timestamps from the honeymoon photos. He’s probably sick to death of them.

What I love is first how damn young we both are. I mean seriously. I was barely 21, and Bren was 22.

There’s a game I like to play with the photos, too. It’s called What are they saying?

Are my cousins discussing the qualities of the white wine?

What is so funny, Dad?

You look so happy to be here, Dan…

Blah, blah, blah.

Now, we have to plan a trip for our tenth anniversary next year. Where to go?

more stuff we said we’d do gets done

One of the things we have always said we would do is to scan the negatives of our wedding film and add them to our digital gallery. Brendan completed the black and white ones years ago, but the remaining 400 something photos have been sitting there, waiting. Finally, yesterday we packed them up and shipped them off for scanning. In 4-6 weeks we should have digital copies of our wedding and honeymoon photos. 

Since we were going through all things wedding, I pulled out a box we’ve got sitting around with notes our wedding guests wrote us on small (business card size) cards. We look through them every once in a while, and a lot of them are warm wishes, and thanks for having us at your wedding type notes. 

And some are more awesome.

By far, our favorite has always been this one from Brendan’s brother and his wife (though I suspect mostly Pat). 

Italy, June 2003, Day 5

Mostly pictures this recap. Not only did Vince have a rough night, but others did as well! But, by the time it mattered, everyone was fine.


Brendan and I.


All of the boys recovered nicely.

Kate looked absolutely stunning (Admittedly, this photo is from after the wedding, but she looks so nice…). And the chapel was the perfect size for the dozen of us that were there.

The ceremony went smoothly but,

we all had to make Vince and Kate pause so we could all take pictures of them

as they left the chapel.

The reception afterwards was just as nice as it could be. We all sat around in a square and course after course arrived. I wish we had taken photos of them all because each one was presented so well.

Kate’s sister Meghan gave a really nice toast, and so did Keith. Then, inspired earlier in the day, Brendan read a little poem he wrote and made everyone cry. He’s a real softie sometimes. Don’t tell anyone. Geoff drew a little cartoon for them, too. (Yes, we got them other gifts too, but they got those after we all got home.)

After the reception, Brendan, Geoff, Keith and I went to the hotel in Positano where Vince and Kate were staying and had a bottle of champagne sent up to their room. I know the explaining to the concierge there was difficult, but since I was waiting outside, I can’t say exactly how it all happened. Confusing, I think would be an accurate word for it. Eventually, everything got straightened out and the champagne made it to Vince and Kate’s room.

Not sure if we just collapsed from exhaustion afterwards or had yet more lemoncello once we got back to the apartment. It’s not really important anyway.


Brendan joined the party on January 2, 2004. He's cool now.

Jessica has never been cool. She is OK with that.

And just so everyone is clear, what we say here is not endorsed by either of our employers.