the hood

total garbage

WTF?!? Our trash is still at the curb.


So apparently, there is no county trash pickup in our new county. Nor is there a homeowners association in the part of the neighborhood in which we live. We’ve got to arrange our own trash pickup. Capitalism at work kids. Let the market decide! Too bad we had to find it out the hard way when our trash wasn’t picked up. I didn’t even think to ask at settlement. There was no HOA, and I’ve never lived anywhere that the county/city didn’t take care of it. I suppose it made sense back when it was all farmland around here. But it’s not anymore. This subdevelopment has been here since 1969. You’d think that someone would have gotten on that. Given the amount of taxes that we pay, it just seems a little bit silly. I just don’t understand.

things i learned this weekend

  • The older gentleman who lives across the street from the new house cuts his grass in a t-shirt with ripped off sleeves (nothing wrong with that) and while smoking a pipe.
  • Painting a ceiling is not fun — even without the popcorn texture that we’ve been used to.
  • Painting over a dark blue stencil can be a lot of work — two coats of primer and two coats of paint — but it’s worth it not to have those teapots there anymore.
  • Our new neighbors might be a little loud.
  • This move is going to be harder work than I had originally thought.

finishing line

The house is cleaner than it ever has been before. Glen just finished up steam cleaning the upstairs carpet. Even the wax ring stain from when Brendan put the toilet down on the carpet came up! Amazing. Even the 20 year old carpet looks decent. The kitchen is more streamlined than it has been since we moved in. It even looks spacious. Now, all we have to do is wait. We hit the market tomorrow.


Last weekend was a pretty relaxing one. Keith and Shadé came down for a visit and a BBQ with Glen, Sarah and Emma. We put some finishing touches on the backyard (sand around the concrete stones finally), and generally tried to take it as easy as possible.

Things are about to get crazy.


Plus, we’re starting on our busy social schedule for the summer. Honestly, I have like 10 friends and my summer social calendar is packed. How can people handle having more?

sunday sunday sunday

Just hung out yesterday afternoon. We had a slightly crazy morning: somewhat impulsively put a contract on a house in the morning (which we didn’t get). The afternoon was decidedly more lazy. I took photos of the clouds (more at flickr) while Brendan and Glen went to Lowe’s.

Then we had an imromptu cookout (always the best kind) and played bocce. What I didn’t get pictures of was Brendan and Glen trying to kick one of Emma’s balls over the house. It was too dark, and we were all a little too tipsy, for pictures.

head stand

Today I feel like someone is standing on my head. No wait, not just standing, but also jumping. Ugh. I don’t normally have allergy problems, but there are just some days when the pollen is at this point where I can’t stand it. Usually, it’s only a couple of days, so I don’t take any of the medications… Of course, today it doesn’t help that the guys who mow a lot of lawns in our neighborhood are here doing their thing. I have to say, they don’t seem to good at it. The weed wacker keeps going on and off and on and off. Talk about annoying. So the pain is two-fold (it was three until I had coffee), pollen and noise. Don’t get me started on why a person with a little postage stamp like us needs to hire someone to cut their grass… We should actually start paying Glen! We only have the front to worry about mowing and two thirds of the time, Glen gets bored and cuts the front from his house to ours. I suppose taking care of their cats for a weekend and running around closing both our windows and theirs in the thunderstorm is a fair trade.

In other news, classes start tonight. The summer is usually really light. And since today is the very first day, I’m expecting only two or three learners. There hasn’t been time for people to feel like they need extra help. Of course, I should see quite a few people who will just pop by to say hello at break time. This term is only 10 weeks, so it ends mid-July, and the next one won’t start until after Labor Day. They want me to teach a "real" class, with a curriculum and a text book and homework and the whole deal, in the Fall. I just don’t know if I’m ready for that. I didn’t know if I was ready for being the official teacher of the Learning Lab either, but it feels like a bigger step. I have a certain freedom and flexibility in the Lab. I get to work on what the learners what to work on, I don’t have to cover anything. And it changes from week to week what people need because different people will come. Plus, I get to really know each learner as a person. I really like that. I’m afraid I would lose all of that in a real class. The learners want me to teach another class too, but I think that’s because I’m so flexible in the Lab. They can chat, they can do what they want. I’m generally a really nice person… In a real class, I’m afraid that I’d be much more of a hard-ass. When it comes down to it, I don’t think I’ll be anyone’s favorite anymore if I take on the Math Applications class. I really love being a favorite. It would really hurt if that went away. Selfish, no?

Sweet Lord. They have their machines on again. Christ. I don’t want to have the windows open to let more pollen in, but I don’t want to have them closed either, because it’s so damned nice outside!

the state of things

This is the time of year when realtors are heavily courting people in our neighborhood. We get postcards with latest sales, little calendars, magnets, flyers… A whole lot of crap. Today, we got one in the mail from a real estate agency which shall remain nameless. I looked at it (the house was our model) and thought, "Only $300,000*? We won’t be using them!"

One house on our cul-de-sac (also our model) without a basement, sold a few weeks ago for $317,250. And one down the street just sold for $350,000! Keep in mind our townhouse is small, and only has 2 bedrooms and one full and one half baths. Nothing special. Not to mention HOA fees. It’s insane.

While it seems like we could make a killing if we sold now, where would we go? To get a single family, in a neighborhood we would want you’ve got to drop three-quarters of a million. Brendan always talks about selling, paying off our student loans, car payments and credit cards, and buying the best trailer we can find and being the envy of the trailer park.

* A little math question for everyone… If we bought our house at a price of $145,000 what is the percent increase if we sold it with the sucky realtors for $300,000? First one with the right answer wins.


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