the hood


Neighbors! People are moving into the hillbilly’s house. I noticed them last week, but have been holding off saying too much just in case it was a big fake out.

Bonus: They only have two or three cars.


I love the Farmer’s Market. I’ve been trying to go every Sunday and now that the summer produce is in full swing, there is just such an abundance of good stuff. This week:

  • 2 tomatoes
  • 3 peaches
  • 1 cantaloupe
  • 3 zucchini

And all for around $5.00 TOTAL.

to hell

What a beautiful meadow. Oh, wait. That’s actually the front lawn next door. As I mentioned in March, the neighbors on the other side of us (aka not the hillbillies), up and left one day. The house is just totally empty. The yard is ridiculous.

This is a picture of our relatively freshly mowed lawn compared to theirs. Normally, you’d be able to see just about all of the green electrical box that’s sticking up near the sidewalk. Now, I know I tend to exaggerate just a little (sometimes) but honestly, the grass is above knee height.

I called the county Neighborhood Services and filed a complaint. They sent me a letter saying they were looking into it, and they did send out a truck on Sunday. Still, I’m not sure what they can do. No one is living there. I suppose they could cut it and issue a fine. Don’t know if they’ll get paid. How crazy would it be to have a lien on your house because you didn’t cut your grass?

I thought maybe they were in foreclosure or something, but it’s next to impossible to look that stuff up and not pay for the information. It does, however, look like the hillbillies’ house is in foreclosure. From what I could tell anyway. That can’t be good for our property values.

At this point, I’d just like to have people living in both houses. I’d even take little Bobby over no one.

And last night there was an insane screaming match going on at one of the houses behind us. Doors slamming, yelling about keys, all kinds of craziness. What kind of neighborhood is this turning into? Seriously.

Oh, and there’s also someone around here who likes to ride his ATV around on the streets. Nice. Called the police on that guy, too. Not that they’ll do anything but it made me feel better. I’m seriously turning into that neighbor. Good times.

Maybe we shouldn’t have moved. Although, it’s a little late to be thinking things like that now!

In other news, Bridget will be 1 next Monday! Yikes.


It looks like the hillbillies have finally officially moved out of their house. This weekend they had a big moving van parked out front. The only annoying part was that the kids were all running around and being loud. Hopefully that was the last time.

I think that we’re actually neighborless at this point. A few weeks ago the people who live on the other side of us made a few trips back and forth with a pickup truck and left a lot of bags of garbage on the curb and I haven’t seen them since. There’s no sign up though so I’m not really sure what the deal is.

I really don’t think that Brendan and I are that terrible to live next to; hopefully it isn’t us!


So the Hillbillies have had their house on the market for a while now — maybe 6 months — things have really slowed down here. At any rate they’ve pretty much moved out. Before Christmas, they were away and parked one of their cars across the street, not quite in front of the house across the street from them, but sort of. The lady across the street — I’ll call her Sweater Vest (because I’m not judgmental at all apparently) hates the fact that the Hillbillies have like 5 cars even though it doesn’t affect where she parks. So what does SV do? She calls in their vehicle as abandoned. Nice, right? Eventually, some time after Christmas the Hillbillies come back and move their car. Well today it seems they’ve parked their truck right smack in front of SV’s house. Ah, the drama. I almost wish we were friends with one of them so we could talk smack. Almost.


I had some friends in high school whose parents would hole themselves up in the basement and ignore the trick-or-treaters. We’ve almost done that tonight. Bridget goes to bed at around 7, so the idea of a whole lot of people knocking on the door for a few hours after that did not appeal to me. We put the light on, and left a bowl out. I should go and check on it actually. I always hated the bowl people when I used to trick-or-treat, but now I certainly do understand it.


The hillbillies have put their house up for sale.

We had an idea that this might happen, one day Brendan saw some moving boxes and heard someone ask Papa Bear "Have you put this on the market yet?" They seem to be asking a lot for it. Granted, it is a corner lot with 5 bedrooms and 3 and a half baths (one more bed and bath than we have). Plus they have an in-ground pool. However, things have been sitting on the market in the neighborhood for quite a while now. Prices have been reduced and still no sales. I’m skeptical. They haven’t done much to the outside, either. The front porch is a total disaster. Part of me wants to see the rest of the house, who knows, it could be nice.

I do hope that they sell it though. It would be nice not to have to worry about little Bobby Hillbilly playing on our front yard and porch come spring.


Looks like we cashed in on our old house at just the right time:

New data released yesterday show that in the past year, home sales in the Washington region have declined sharply, the inventory of unsold homes is up significantly, and prices have flattened and, in some cases, fallen.

I took a look at what’s up on the market in our old neighborhood, and there are way more for sale than there were even in the spring and it doesn’t look like they are moving all that fast.

candy. candy, candy

We’re all stocked up on candy for Monday. I have no idea how many kids we’ll have come by, either. It seems like everyone around here has at least a few. As I was buying it, though I was a little bit torn. Do I buy the big cheap bag full of Tootsie Roll products? Or do I spend more and get Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cups or Kit Kats or something. I don’t want to piss off the hillbilly brats next door, nor do I want to be broke. So I got some of each. Hopefully there will be no eggs or toilet paper directed at our house. I honestly don’t know what to expect…although, Brendan does have a paintball gun…

i am mr. wilson

What is wrong with the kids in our new neighborhood? Honestly. At the old ‘hood there was a group of kids — they were all around 8 or 10 — that would run around in the back in the woods and hit each other with sticks and stuff… Here there are kids at the hillbillies house on the one side of us, and there are a bunch on the other side. They run back and forth in the front, and lately they’ve been coming up in our lawn. Everytime I see or hear them I feel like going out there and telling them to get off my lawn. It’s just this instinctive, gut reaction that I have. I didn’t even know I had it in me. It usually makes me more mad that I feel this way than the actual act of the kids being on the lawn. Today though, they were having some sort of water battle and now our deck furniture is wet! Bren went outside for a minute and some kid came up to him and pointed his water gun at him and told him he was going to shoot him. Bren told him he wasn’t and to take his little game elsewhere. WTF? What do I do now? I want to yell at the little brats and tell them to play in their own damn yards. Of course if we piss them off then we’re screwed. I’ve got a feeling that their parents won’t really care, either. Something has to be done, though….


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