updates (shoulder and cider)


The cider has finished fermenting and has been moved to secondary — to carbonate and to mellow. It is strong. It’s about 10% alcohol at the moment and very dry and tart. We’ll be sweetening one of the two gallons with some local honey (which should bring down the alcohol content) and leaving the other alone. It’s going to be good. We should probably let it age much longer than we are planning, but it might be something that we try again. Because while I am not wearing a sling, my arm is still delicate and I can’t be repetitively chopping apples. I’ve been trying to take it easy and so far so good. Next up though, Brendan is going to brew some Pumpkin Beer. Yummy.

slinging it

I’ve dislocated my shoulder yet again.

It was the hardest to get back of them all.

(see here, here, here, here, and there were more pre this archive. sigh.)

The usual method of easing my arm down and it sliding back didn’t work. Instead, the ER doctor had me roll on my stomach and hang my arm over the side of the bed. Then she tied ten pounds of weight to my upper arm and eventually, after a lot of patience and breathing, the muscles did relax and it popped back in. Still, there was a moment when I was worried it wasn’t going to go back in. 

new years eve involved a lot of driving

Like last year, this year we planned to spend New Years Eve (and weekend) up in Pennsylvania with some friends (and fellow Muskoxen). Brendan’s body however, had other plans. He went from feeling slightly-a-little-sick-but-willing-to-power-through to pull-the-car-over! somewhere around the Delaware line. Still, we headed onward. As soon as we arrived, Brendan took himself to bed upstairs and the kids and I hung out, helped with dinner and played around. But alas, Bren didn’t make a quick recovery (as he had hoped) so after some delicious lasagna, I put the kids in their pajamas and we came back home.

We made it back here with plenty of time to spare to watch Dick Clark and the ball drop. (And by “we” I mean me and Bridget.) After the boys were tucked in, she and I snuggled (under her new Snuggie naturally), had ice cream, counted down the seconds and banged pots and pans outside to ring in the New Year. Not exactly what I had planned, but still enjoyable.


I was trying to get some work done out in the yard this weekend — just some weeding and such — and what do you know, I pulled a few muscles in my back. At first, I couldn’t even walk. It’s better now that Brendan got me some Thermacare back wraps.

I don’t think I’ve got it as bad as my littlest brother. He got headed in the mouth and completely knocked out one of his front teeth. Poor thing. He’s doing as well as can be expected. The tooth was saved, and he’ll have to get surgery but it’ll be OK.

is this thing on?

I’ve been terrible at posting lately, I know. Things have been a little bit crazy around here at the Kelly household.

As you can see, Bridget is getting perilously close to walking. Not only is she pushing around her walker, but lately she’s taken to forgetting that she’s holding onto something and just standing there on her own, until of course she realizes that she’s not holding onto anything and she promptly plops down on the floor. She had a pretty nasty cold this week that has almost finished running its course. I can’t complain, really. It wasn’t too bad, and it’s only the second time that she’s been sick. You could probably even call it the first time because the other was more likely a reaction to booster shots. Breast feeding really must be doing its magic.

Bettis is currently recovering from surgery on both his hip and his knee (on the same leg). He’s doing OK. Right now he’s pretty well sedated on pain medication and sleeping in a Pamper’s box. Of course that means that he’s not really making it to the special litter box we have set up for him. Something tells me we’re in for a long week. I’m not really sure how things are going to go with me working since his recovery suite is in the office. It’ll all work out, I’m sure.


Brendan’s back. He’s been sleeping since just about after he walked in the door this morning. Understandable. The following two photos seem to sum it up for me.

The Start.

The Finish.

again again

So yesterday I’m just turning off the outside light like a regular person and oops, out goes my shoulder again. Unlike the last time, this time was not quick or relatively painless. No, this time we were waiting for four hours. It was not fun. Then the doctor put it back Lethal Weapon style. Nice. So yeah, this time I’m calling the orthopedist.


I am typing this with just my left hand; I dislocated my shoulder. Again. I was coming down the stairs with yet more laundry, and I slipped on one of the last few steps. As I reached back for the banister, it went out. Since I had surgery 2 years ago to stop the frequent dislocation, I haven’t really had any problems. Guess my luck ran out.

Fortunately, the hospital is only 5 minutes away. They got me into triage and then a bed really quick. Normally, they want to do xrays before and after they reduce the shoulder, but since I’m pregnant (I fell straight on my ass, btw, the uterus is fine. No pain.), they just went ahead and put the shoulder back. No pain medication or anything, they just slowly lifted it and rotated me back.

So now I’m in a sling, and just directing dinner. Good times.

back from the dead (almost)

Got back from Orlando last night after putting in 12-14-16 hour days followed by nights that usually didn’t end until about 2:00. Then had to be at work at 7:00 on the later days.

So I’m pretty tired. So tired, in fact, that I doubt I’ll be making it a whole day in the office today.

No incriminating photos this time. No photos really at all. It was Orlando, so it pretty much sucked.

Not as much drinking this time, though. Maybe I’m growing up.

Or getting old. Can’t decide.

I’ll be back to normal in a day or two.


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