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There’s been a lot said about the amount of foreclosures in Prince William county (I think I’ve said a few things myself). Most recently, there was an article in the Post that touched on Woodbridge, Dale City and Manassas.

As the surge in foreclosures continues and banks repossess more and more houses, property values are declining — but not everywhere, and not by equal measure, Thompson and other real estate agents said. No part of the region is untouched, but most foreclosures are clustered in certain neighborhoods and several troubled Zip codes. Rather than a sea of slumping housing, Northern Virginia has an island chain of hot spots.

The article does not offer any new insights. The comments, however, are another thing. My personal favorite was this gem:

bbcrock wrote:
How could someone in all honesty buy in an area 90 minutes outside the city and NOT expect it was a slum? Really. Who is going to want to drive in at 5am every morning? Desperate people with no options. I’m sorry, I just don’t feel bad for the exurbs- they should still be farms.
3/22/2008 9:51:56 PM
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I’d like to give that person a big old one-finger salute. What a complete ASS. I must have missed that memo. Because there are no slums INSIDE actual cities. And 12 people have recommended the comment. WTF?!

I actually do have a point here… The people on one side of us may or may not have been illegal. I don’t know. It was none of my business. I do know they overpaid for their house and they just up and left one day (as I’ve mentioned before). When they were living next door, they kept up the property quite nicely. Then, foreclosure. The house is still empty. But maybe not for too long.

On the other side, the hillbillies were annoying as hell. Their house was bordering on looking like crap. I do not know the immigration status of the people who live there now. Nor do I really care. They keep the outside clean, are quiet (aka not running all over my lawn like little Bobby Hillbilly) and generally seem like decent people.

Of course now we have more people up the street who, dare I say it, are bordering on white trash. Dude is always working on his damn Monte Carlo or totally awesome bright blue Isuzu with awesome gold rims. His buddies are always stopping by in the middle of the road on the opposite side of the street to have some loud yelling conversation. Plus they run the cars up and down the road and around the block and have marked the shit out of the street. I don’t expect the spring and summer to bring any improvements there. Oh, did I mention they live obscenely close to the playground? You’d better bet that I’ll be all over the police complaint line when things do not improve.

So what’s my point here? (Besides, you know, getting all of this out of me and feeling a little better after venting some.) My point is, not all white people are fantastic neighbors. And not all non-whities are evil.

Now, let’s lighten things up a little.


The county came and cut the grass next door this morning. It’s a good thing, too. It was seriously out of control. I suppose it’s not a unique story in Northern Virginia — overpay for a house (and they did) on an adjustable rate or interest only loan (just guessing) and be overextended and either file bankruptcy or face foreclosure. Looking at the recent sales in our neighborhood, there are a lot of banks taking ownership. Good times.


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