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Since we got a brand spanking new iMac with a crazy big screen (TWENTY SEVEN INCHES!) I’ve been going through our zillions of photos and enjoying browsing through them without them being obscured by seven tiny one pixel wide lines. I am particularly enjoying the old Antoszewski/Graham photos that I scanned a few years ago. Some of the ones I like the most I really don’t know too much about.


This woman, for example, looks awesome. Clearly, a baby has just been Baptized in Baltimore City.  [UPDATE: This is my Great Aunt Dolores (and now that I know that, I can see that it is her) and the baby is my dad!]
Next up, my Great Uncle Mike (on the right) looking quite dashing left). An interesting character, that guy.
Some people (a few of them Great Aunts, I think) posing with a giant bottle of Old Forester Bourbon. There are several other photos in this alley, so it’s someone’s house — my great grandparents’ maybe.
Finally, some delightfully chubby babies.


more snow

Yup, we got a boatload of snow. I’ve done more shoveling the past two days than I have done my entire life. And there’s more snow coming. 

All our trees look like they are covered in marshmallow fluff. It’s quite pretty.

Bridget’s had a blast — she did a little sledding later in the afternoon (photos of that later on in the week, perhaps).

I’ve tried to get a little inspired with my photos, but I haven’t ventured too far. I’m afraid I’ll bust my tail and break the dang thing.

There’s more snow a’coming tomorrow, so I’ll have some more opportunities.



My kids are too cute.

He’s just brimming with personality these days. Talking, shoving things in his mouth. It’s good times. Oh, and easygoing for the most part, too. We got crazy lucky. Sleep isn’t too much of a struggle, though there are moments.

I tried to get them both to cooperate for a nice shot on the bed together. But it didn’t quite work out (it’s well-lit though, so I suppose that’s something). He’s too interested in eating her hair.

Perhaps I’ll give it another go later on in the week. 

Bridget is uber-excited for Christmas this year. She really gets what’s going on now (and wants EVERYTHING) and it’s oh so much fun. We’ve been decorated minus the tree since just after Thanksgiving. Tree is going up this weekend.


Brendan joined the party on January 2, 2004. He's cool now.

Jessica has never been cool. She is OK with that.

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