After a bit of a traipse through the field, we got our tree yesterday from Evergreen Acres.

As Brendan reminded me yesterday, I shouldn’t be surprised at his need/want to look at a lot of trees before selecting one. It seems I forget it every year. It’s harder though, when I have a child in arms. I’m hoping next year will be easier on us all since Johnny should be an expert walker alonger by then. 

Yesterday we just added the lights, and today, the ornaments. Some favorites.

an attempt

It wasn’t my smartest idea — we had a costume parade earlier in the day and small/no naps — but this afternoon we took the kids to the park to try and get some good shots for possible inclusion in Christmas cards.

There were a lot of them together that didn’t work.

And ones of just one kid that worked pretty well

And one of both of them that I think is as good as we’ll get.


While we were on vacation at the cottage, we went out to Cleveland to (among other things) tour the Steamship William G. Mather. Now, I like boats, but I didn’t expect to fall in love with all the little details that were on the ship. 

A cabinet of keys that made me weirdly giddy!


Fan I wanted to pull down and put in my purse!

Light I also wanted to take home with me!

And last, but not least, a griffin woodcarving!I am pretty sure I’m going to draw and stitch this guy up at some point. 



“The grass had greened one morning when I blinked; I missed it again.” -Annie Dillard

It seems like just yesterday we were trapped under mountains of snow. Next thing you know, the birds are chirping, I’m planting seeds in the garden and the forsythia is blossoming. Spring is a corner that you never know you’ve made it around until the curve is behind you.

some more

Since we got a brand spanking new iMac with a crazy big screen (TWENTY SEVEN INCHES!) I’ve been going through our zillions of photos and enjoying browsing through them without them being obscured by seven tiny one pixel wide lines. I am particularly enjoying the old Antoszewski/Graham photos that I scanned a few years ago. Some of the ones I like the most I really don’t know too much about.


This woman, for example, looks awesome. Clearly, a baby has just been Baptized in Baltimore City.  [UPDATE: This is my Great Aunt Dolores (and now that I know that, I can see that it is her) and the baby is my dad!]
Next up, my Great Uncle Mike (on the right) looking quite dashing left). An interesting character, that guy.
Some people (a few of them Great Aunts, I think) posing with a giant bottle of Old Forester Bourbon. There are several other photos in this alley, so it’s someone’s house — my great grandparents’ maybe.
Finally, some delightfully chubby babies.



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