generally annoyed

Let me just complain for a minute about maternity clothes.

 Last time around, the pickings weren’t as slim as they seem now. Even H&M has really scaled back it’s offerings. I get that it’s a tough economic time, but pregnant people need clothes, too. And when there are clothes, they are freaking SACKS. Seriously, every shirt and dress is a big fat square. Who looks good in that regularly: skinny people. Who, by definition are not toothpicks? Pregnant people. I’ve got three shirts that are acceptable for work — good thing that I only go into the office three days a week!

Don’t even get me started on pants. I hate pants regularly, but they do not make it easy there either. Skinny pants, cigarette pants and little tiny shorts are all available in the maternity section. As are goucho pants that could fit three of me. Awesome. I don’t know who is "designing" this crap, but they are a bunch of idiots. 

OK, now I feel slightly better…


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