they forgot colt 45

The plant that spewed stink into the air my entire childhood is coming down.

The ongoing demolition of the Washington Quality Foods building tower in Halethorpe should culminate sometime in August, when the landmark is scheduled to fall.

Located at 4501 Hollins Ferry Road and the Baltimore Beltway, the highly visible 108-foot tower drew motorists’ attention from the 1960s to the late 1990s with a series of beer logos belonging to its tenants.

The Carling brewery, followed by Carling National and eventually Stroh, occupied the property and produced beers such as Carling Black Label, National Premium and National Bohemian, or "Nattie Boh."

Chicago-based First Industrial Realty Trust, which acquired the Hollins Ferry Road property in December, has county permission to raze the tower, according to Mark McConnell, the company’s regional director in Hanover.

First Industrial bought the property for $13.9 million, according to state property records.

It announced soon after acquiring the property that it would renovate it as office and warehouse space, removing the landmark tower in the process.

For as long as I can remember, the tower didn’t have any Natty Boh trademark on it. It had a big old Colt 45 slapped on the side. For the 20 years I lived in Arbutus, I don’t remember it being anything else (Of course, I could be wrong). I really don’t think anyone is going to have a problem with it going. It’s sort of a landmark, I suppose. It’s how you knew you were almost home. Of course, I would take that smell over swampy DC and the Potomac anyday!

so much

There’s a lot going on at the moment.

We just moved; I’m still teaching (but only for this week); I have a big meeting next Thursday and so on…

Not only do we not have a satellite (or cable) at the new house, we also don’t have an internet connection just yet. I’m so out of touch. I was catching up on deleting the spam I get at my hotmail account, when I saw I had an email announcing that R. had sent me a message at Classmates. R, my high school boyfriend who I didn’t really like all that much but was still upset when he went off and slept with someone else (presumably because I wouldn’t). Whatever. He was a jerk. So he sends me this, hi we haven’t talked since your senior year (he was a year older) 🙁 send me an email, message. I’m sitting here thinking, yeah, damn right we haven’t talked, you were an asshole. The plan is just to ignore him. I’ve got nothing to say, really.

Brendan thinks it’s all so funny because he’s still friends with all his ex-girlfriends. I think it’s weird, but whatever. Apparently we talked at some length (with Vince) about this very subject on Saturday. I say apparently, because I also apparently had a lot of wine on Saturday, too.


Last night I caught up on the last episode of The Real World. Short synopsis: skinny girl with history of eating disorder’s mother tells her she needs to go on a diet.

Now, I neither have an eating disorder nor a super-controlling mother, but it got me thinking. Every girl has those friends — the really skinny ones with the "high metabolism" who eat butterscotch krumpets and french fries for lunch, but still look like twigs — and I had two of them. We’ll call them J and E for simplicity. They could both shop in the girls’ section if they wanted, easily fitting into size 14 or 16. I had, and still have, some serious hips. Plus, I was more than head and shoulders taller than them (still am). There’s this one photo I have of the three of us, J on my left and E on my right, and my waist is at J’s shoulders and E’s armpits.

As thin as I was, I still despised shopping with the both of them. Inevitably, I’d end up in the dressing room between the two of them, and they’d be talking back and forth about needing a size 0 because the 3s were too big. And there I was, struggling to zip up the 11s. One time I remember vividly even now, was probably my junior year, and we were all shopping for homecoming or prom dresses or something, and E says, "Damn! All that’s left are fat girl sizes." I responded by picking one of them up and taking it to the dressing room. It still hurts my feelings, and it’s been about 10 years!

After high school, I didn’t really see either of them much, if at all. E more than J. I realized after a while that E just really isn’t a nice person. Anyway, the three of us actually all went to the same college. Still, since I’m a year older than E and two years older than J, and we were all interested in different things, there was very little contact. In fact, the first time I saw J on campus, and the last time I saw or talked to her was my very last day. I was driving out of the parking garage and she was driving in. We stopped said hello, I showed her my brand new engagement ring, and then we said goodbye.

The last time I saw E was at a wedding. Now I realize that this is totally snarky and bitchy of me, but I can’t help it: she’s put on a little weight. She’s not fat by any means; she’s certainly not the beanpole that she once was. It gives me a little bit of satisfaction to know that she’s probably in a double-digit size now. Like I said, I know it’s awful of me, but I can’t help it.


Brendan joined the party on January 2, 2004. He's cool now.

Jessica has never been cool. She is OK with that.

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