The hillbillies have put their house up for sale.

We had an idea that this might happen, one day Brendan saw some moving boxes and heard someone ask Papa Bear "Have you put this on the market yet?" They seem to be asking a lot for it. Granted, it is a corner lot with 5 bedrooms and 3 and a half baths (one more bed and bath than we have). Plus they have an in-ground pool. However, things have been sitting on the market in the neighborhood for quite a while now. Prices have been reduced and still no sales. I’m skeptical. They haven’t done much to the outside, either. The front porch is a total disaster. Part of me wants to see the rest of the house, who knows, it could be nice.

I do hope that they sell it though. It would be nice not to have to worry about little Bobby Hillbilly playing on our front yard and porch come spring.

candy. candy, candy

We’re all stocked up on candy for Monday. I have no idea how many kids we’ll have come by, either. It seems like everyone around here has at least a few. As I was buying it, though I was a little bit torn. Do I buy the big cheap bag full of Tootsie Roll products? Or do I spend more and get Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cups or Kit Kats or something. I don’t want to piss off the hillbilly brats next door, nor do I want to be broke. So I got some of each. Hopefully there will be no eggs or toilet paper directed at our house. I honestly don’t know what to expect…although, Brendan does have a paintball gun…

i am mr. wilson

What is wrong with the kids in our new neighborhood? Honestly. At the old ‘hood there was a group of kids — they were all around 8 or 10 — that would run around in the back in the woods and hit each other with sticks and stuff… Here there are kids at the hillbillies house on the one side of us, and there are a bunch on the other side. They run back and forth in the front, and lately they’ve been coming up in our lawn. Everytime I see or hear them I feel like going out there and telling them to get off my lawn. It’s just this instinctive, gut reaction that I have. I didn’t even know I had it in me. It usually makes me more mad that I feel this way than the actual act of the kids being on the lawn. Today though, they were having some sort of water battle and now our deck furniture is wet! Bren went outside for a minute and some kid came up to him and pointed his water gun at him and told him he was going to shoot him. Bren told him he wasn’t and to take his little game elsewhere. WTF? What do I do now? I want to yell at the little brats and tell them to play in their own damn yards. Of course if we piss them off then we’re screwed. I’ve got a feeling that their parents won’t really care, either. Something has to be done, though….

things i learned this weekend

  • The older gentleman who lives across the street from the new house cuts his grass in a t-shirt with ripped off sleeves (nothing wrong with that) and while smoking a pipe.
  • Painting a ceiling is not fun — even without the popcorn texture that we’ve been used to.
  • Painting over a dark blue stencil can be a lot of work — two coats of primer and two coats of paint — but it’s worth it not to have those teapots there anymore.
  • Our new neighbors might be a little loud.
  • This move is going to be harder work than I had originally thought.

finishing line

The house is cleaner than it ever has been before. Glen just finished up steam cleaning the upstairs carpet. Even the wax ring stain from when Brendan put the toilet down on the carpet came up! Amazing. Even the 20 year old carpet looks decent. The kitchen is more streamlined than it has been since we moved in. It even looks spacious. Now, all we have to do is wait. We hit the market tomorrow.


Last weekend was a pretty relaxing one. Keith and Shadé came down for a visit and a BBQ with Glen, Sarah and Emma. We put some finishing touches on the backyard (sand around the concrete stones finally), and generally tried to take it as easy as possible.

Things are about to get crazy.


Plus, we’re starting on our busy social schedule for the summer. Honestly, I have like 10 friends and my summer social calendar is packed. How can people handle having more?

sunday sunday sunday

Just hung out yesterday afternoon. We had a slightly crazy morning: somewhat impulsively put a contract on a house in the morning (which we didn’t get). The afternoon was decidedly more lazy. I took photos of the clouds (more at flickr) while Brendan and Glen went to Lowe’s.

Then we had an imromptu cookout (always the best kind) and played bocce. What I didn’t get pictures of was Brendan and Glen trying to kick one of Emma’s balls over the house. It was too dark, and we were all a little too tipsy, for pictures.

was that you?

I think I saw one of my neighbors on the Metro this afternoon. But I’ll never know, because I was too scared to talk to him. All I had to do was go up to him and say, "Thomas?" I kept looking, trying to figure out if it was really him. How sad is that? If it really was him, I’ll feel bad; and if it wasn’t then who cares, because it was just some random guy on the Metro.


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Jessica has never been cool. She is OK with that.

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