I go back to work on Tuesday.

I thought this time it might be easier. Daycare has been sorted forever. He’ll be going with Bridget to a place we all love. And I’ve done it before. But I think it’s going to be harder. If I’m being honest, I felt a little relieved to go back to work the first time around. Getting Bridget to sleep at night was not easy for a very long time. And this child, oh how he sleeps! In his actual crib! If he happens to open his eyes when I lay him down, just a little pat on the back usually does the trick. It’s amazing. I’m sure it’s partially me, too, being able to try other things than just picking him up again and latching him on, but most of it is just the way he is.  It’s amazing how huge a difference 6 or 8 hours of continuous sleep at night makes for a person such as myself. I’m 1,000% less frustrated than I was with my first go-round at motherhood.

This is not to say that everything is rainbows and unicorns. Of course it’s not. John cries while I’m trying to get something done, and Bridget suddenly really needs my attention, and it can get a little yell-y around here. But it’s not that frequent and I like to think that I’m getting better at handling it.

I’m really enjoying all of it, and I think I’m more myself now than I was three, or even two, years ago. Words just cannot express how good that actually feels. In fact, working might make all of that even better.

I think what I’m trying to say is that I feel like I am actually back. And it is pretty awesome.

And so is my little family.


generally annoyed

Let me just complain for a minute about maternity clothes.

 Last time around, the pickings weren’t as slim as they seem now. Even H&M has really scaled back it’s offerings. I get that it’s a tough economic time, but pregnant people need clothes, too. And when there are clothes, they are freaking SACKS. Seriously, every shirt and dress is a big fat square. Who looks good in that regularly: skinny people. Who, by definition are not toothpicks? Pregnant people. I’ve got three shirts that are acceptable for work — good thing that I only go into the office three days a week!

Don’t even get me started on pants. I hate pants regularly, but they do not make it easy there either. Skinny pants, cigarette pants and little tiny shorts are all available in the maternity section. As are goucho pants that could fit three of me. Awesome. I don’t know who is "designing" this crap, but they are a bunch of idiots. 

OK, now I feel slightly better…


I’ve sort of mentioned the guy who lives down the street before. He and his buddies tend to test out their cars by running them down to the stop sign and around the park. It’s terribly annoying. And now that it’s spring, it’s become more prevalent. Granted, I’ve never been down there to tell the guy how much I hate it, but it just seems like common sense.

I’ve got nothing against a guy working on his car at his house and testing it out on the road. In fact, the guy across the street from Mr. Monte Carlo works on his bike from time to time, but it’s not every single day. I feel like it’s just gone a little bit too far at this point. To me, it seems like he’s running a business out of his home, fixing up cars/ATVs/motorcycles… So it’s not just him, but a bunch of people. This morning when I heard him run his car up and down the road, I just went ahead and called the police complaint line. We live on a street that has extra fines — because it is a cut through and has playgrounds. Hopefully a police presence will take care of the issue. 



Now that it’s officially official I can say that I’ve switched from my OB/GYN office to a midwife. I cannot express how happy this makes me. Originally, we had decided on an OB this time around but we had to switch from the office that we had used for Bridget because they moved their location and it just wasn’t convenient.

The new office tended to be a little on the crazy side. Admittedly, I didn’t do too much research, but since I’d been through it all before, I thought it really wasn’t going to be that big of a deal. And this new OB office also had a midwife so I thought it would be the best of both worlds. Boy was I wrong. One of the receptionists made crazy remarks to another receptionist type person the day of my first visit. Crazy remarks about President Obama being a Muslim and well, Muslims taking over the world or something. Remarks that I and everyone else waiting could here because there was no partition or anything. And then the midwife sort of just rubbed me the wrong way. Brendan wasn’t too sure about her either, although I did like the one OB that I saw. 

So given all that, we thought we’d switch to a midwife-only practice. Of course, there really aren’t a whole lot of those, but after some looking around I found the perfect one. But they had a waiting list and I was in the third spot so I figured that I’d never make it in. Wrong again. We had our first appointment with them yesterday and it was completely wonderful. I’m so completely happy about everything. 

And we won’t have to deal with nonsense like this, this, this and this again.

forgot to mention


Someone moved in next door — the house that’s been empty for over 2 years. Neither Bren nor I have gotten a good look at anyone, but at this point, I’ll take anything over empty. (I’ll probably regret that I said that later.)


Neighbors! People are moving into the hillbilly’s house. I noticed them last week, but have been holding off saying too much just in case it was a big fake out.

Bonus: They only have two or three cars.

to hell

What a beautiful meadow. Oh, wait. That’s actually the front lawn next door. As I mentioned in March, the neighbors on the other side of us (aka not the hillbillies), up and left one day. The house is just totally empty. The yard is ridiculous.

This is a picture of our relatively freshly mowed lawn compared to theirs. Normally, you’d be able to see just about all of the green electrical box that’s sticking up near the sidewalk. Now, I know I tend to exaggerate just a little (sometimes) but honestly, the grass is above knee height.

I called the county Neighborhood Services and filed a complaint. They sent me a letter saying they were looking into it, and they did send out a truck on Sunday. Still, I’m not sure what they can do. No one is living there. I suppose they could cut it and issue a fine. Don’t know if they’ll get paid. How crazy would it be to have a lien on your house because you didn’t cut your grass?

I thought maybe they were in foreclosure or something, but it’s next to impossible to look that stuff up and not pay for the information. It does, however, look like the hillbillies’ house is in foreclosure. From what I could tell anyway. That can’t be good for our property values.

At this point, I’d just like to have people living in both houses. I’d even take little Bobby over no one.

And last night there was an insane screaming match going on at one of the houses behind us. Doors slamming, yelling about keys, all kinds of craziness. What kind of neighborhood is this turning into? Seriously.

Oh, and there’s also someone around here who likes to ride his ATV around on the streets. Nice. Called the police on that guy, too. Not that they’ll do anything but it made me feel better. I’m seriously turning into that neighbor. Good times.

Maybe we shouldn’t have moved. Although, it’s a little late to be thinking things like that now!

In other news, Bridget will be 1 next Monday! Yikes.


It looks like the hillbillies have finally officially moved out of their house. This weekend they had a big moving van parked out front. The only annoying part was that the kids were all running around and being loud. Hopefully that was the last time.

I think that we’re actually neighborless at this point. A few weeks ago the people who live on the other side of us made a few trips back and forth with a pickup truck and left a lot of bags of garbage on the curb and I haven’t seen them since. There’s no sign up though so I’m not really sure what the deal is.

I really don’t think that Brendan and I are that terrible to live next to; hopefully it isn’t us!


So the Hillbillies have had their house on the market for a while now — maybe 6 months — things have really slowed down here. At any rate they’ve pretty much moved out. Before Christmas, they were away and parked one of their cars across the street, not quite in front of the house across the street from them, but sort of. The lady across the street — I’ll call her Sweater Vest (because I’m not judgmental at all apparently) hates the fact that the Hillbillies have like 5 cars even though it doesn’t affect where she parks. So what does SV do? She calls in their vehicle as abandoned. Nice, right? Eventually, some time after Christmas the Hillbillies come back and move their car. Well today it seems they’ve parked their truck right smack in front of SV’s house. Ah, the drama. I almost wish we were friends with one of them so we could talk smack. Almost.

digging out

We didn’t get quite as much snow as some other places a little farther north; we got maybe six inches. Digging out here isn’t so bad, there’s just a little driveway and sidewalk to take care of. Sometime soon, we’ll only have one car to clean off. The garage still has to be organized.

The last time I shoveled a car out was probably college. Chris and I were in our apartment and I was still driving the van, so it must have been junior year. There was a bunch of snow — 8 or 10 inches maybe. Of course, we didn’t have a shovel and for some reason I had to get my car out. The guys that lived next door had dug their cars out, so I went over there to ask if they had a shovel. The guy says no, but let me get you what I used. And he brought me back a hubcap. Yeah, no, that wasn’t going to work. He was a nice guy though and since he was going to do laundry, he bought us a shovel. (I think it’s the one that we currently have. I think. I could be wrong.)

The other thing I loved the most about that year was how creative people were about protecting their parking spots. If they had parked on the street and spent the time shoveling out their space, before they left, they’d put something in its place to hold it until they got back. Farther down the street where there were rowhouses, the rules were clearer but still people would put lawn chairs in their spot. Near our apartment people put out ironing boards and art easels.

Now, Brendan is totally jealous of the guy across the street — he has a snowblower. Of course, this is only the second time this year he’s had to shovel anything. Hopefully there won’t be too many more.


Brendan joined the party on January 2, 2004. He's cool now.

Jessica has never been cool. She is OK with that.

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