can’t un-hear it

Recently, I’ve been trying to expand my music selections and have been letting Pandora do it’s magic. One of the songs I’ve become particularly fond of is a track my The Mynabirds, called Ways of Looking. I can’t find official video (naturally) but there’s a sample here at Amazon, and some live versions on YouTube. So I was playing it via Spotify the other day, and Brendan comments that the whole thing is “stolen from Springsteen”. Which I don’t hear until he puts on Glory Days. And now I can’t un-hear the guitar track. Grr. I adore the Mynabirds song, so I am resolved to not let it get in the way of my enjoyment.

new years eve = nostalgia

German pop songs

After we got the basement completed, we were able to rearrange furniture in such a way that our turntable now has a place in the living room. Among Brendan’s 45 collection is a set of 80s singles that includes Nena, Men Without Hats, DEVO and Weird Al. And then there are the Motown singles. It’s awesome. Our LP collection is a bit of a mish-mash including records I saved from my Dad’s purge several years ago, Beatles albums I purchased at thrift stores and other miscellany. Powering the turntable is my old stereo from college. Which also gives us a place to play actual CDs and TAPES! I think I have more nostalgia for tapes these days than I do for my records. 

My dad had this one tape titled – 90 Minutes of Good Music. It was a mix compiled of tracks he had taped from records including Jimmy Buffet, James Taylor, CCNY and others. At one point I had it in my possession but since it was one of his favorites, I had to give it back. I did though, in 1998, make a copy of what were my favorites of his favorites. And today, I found it! I don’t know if Dad still has his copy of the tape (probably not) and I don’t recall exactly what all was on it anyway. But at least part of it survives. 

There’s also a pile of CD mixes that have been just sitting on the shelf. Since our cars both have a hook in for the iPod, we rarely use them anymore. It’s like a little time warp, really. What songs was I obsessed with in 2002, 2003, 2004? 

april 2002 mix

I’m dorkily excited about all of it. Of course, there’s no way that we’ll be getting out the entire CD collection again (it has all been digitized afterall), but I like the idea of curating a little selection. 

pretty sure it’s not the coffee that’s making him smile

Brendan noticed the other day that the song in the above Keurig commercial is the G. Love version of Gimme Some Lovin’ (a hidden track on Philadelphonic)

[video: 500×500]

Makes one wonder what the high-five is really about. The coffee being made so quickly, or the moments before the coffee was made?


double trouble

This past weekend, my college roommate Chris and her daughter Evelyn came for a visit. The girls are only 5 months apart and they had a lot of fun together. It was Bridget’s first sleepover, and they stayed up late late late on Friday night giggling and being silly in her room. There were a lot of reasons why they couldn’t sleep. And endless stream of reasons. Eventually though, they did go to sleep. (Not that anyone really cared they were awake. Who hasn’t stayed up late at a sleepover?)

There was a lot of running around the house, making messes and general four-year-old (Bridget is almost 4, I think of her as 4 at this point anyway) shenanigans.

Saturday afternoon the girls all went to see The Nields do a kids show at Jammin Java. I haven’t seen The Nields since college. It was a lot of fun. (Though since they are originally from the area, there was an abundance of friends and family, and it sort of felt like we were the only ones there who didn’t actually really know them.) Bridget spent a lot of the time standing front and center at the base of the stage (she really wanted to get on it) and just staring at Katryna. She’s that perfect age where she will just dance and spin and not really care (or know) that anyone is watching her.  

Once Chris and Evelyn left on Sunday, Bridget declared herself officially bored. And then took an EPIC nap.

Bridget’s top five

When we are in the car, we more often than not will put on the iPod in lieu of the radio. There are certain songs of course that Bridget adores and will either request by name (her own name for the song if she has one) or emphatically tell us that we need to listen to if it. So here are Bridget’s top five songs:

  • Gasoline Serpent by Devotchka. Aka "The Whistling Song" By far this is her favorite song.
  • A-Punk by Vampire Weekend. Aka "The Hey Hey Song" A top contender. She also likes M79.
  • Intervention by Arcade Fire. This one doesn’t have a nickname, but I think that’s just because she isn’t really sure of the lyrics.
  • Sloop John B by The Beach Boys. This one also doesn’t have it’s own name, but she can recognize it in less than one note. Seriously, if Name that Tune makes a come back, I might just sign her up!
  • St. Louise is Listening by Soul Coughing and also the solo Mike Doughty version. Aka "Get Up on It." Again, recognition here is pretty amazing. She can pick out Doughty’s voice on most any of his tracks.

She also has a fondness for the Pogues, but we’ve decided that it’s best if she isn’t walking around singing about drinking just yet.

a first

I took my fourteen year-old brother to his first concert last night. We saw Keane & the Killers at Merriweather. It was a good show. Kevin, even smiled, sang along a little and said it was "awesome" which is a lot for a 14 year-old boy. We met up with his friend Zach, and Zach’s big brother. Nothing like hanging out with high schoolers to make me feel old. As everyone always says, the Killers but on a fab show. So much energy. There’s something about 15,000 people jumping and singing along — even if it’s not my favorite song of theirs.

Today, however, I am completely wiped out. I’m at home; we’re getting a new door today. But I couldn’t sleep in, just in case someone wanted to look at the house (they didn’t), and the window guy was also coming early in the morning (but he forgot to order the plastic thingy that holds the mechanism in), but he wasn’t here long.

I just want to take a nap before I have to teach tonight.

medium rock

so mike doughty has started to grow up. last night at the show he proclaimed that small rock was dead, and long live medium rock. pretty good. early solo shows were populated mostly with soul coughing tunes, with a few of his own stuff mixed in. with the new album, the soul coughing is sparce (i believe there were only three, maybe four). plus, he put janine in the middle of the set, and no firetruck. trying to break away from the past and move on, i suppose. he did include a great version of "the gambler," though.

of course this is all tough to hear, because i had the "mike doughty backup singer" directly to my right. specifically a gentleman that was singing EVERYTHING way too loud. now, i’m all for rocking when you’re at a show, but please, PLEASE keep it down. i don’t even mind people singing, it’s just that this guy was so f’ing loud i literally had to stand there with my hand over my right ear in order to enjoy the show. it’s just not very courteous to the people around. all he needed to do was keep it down a little bit.

if that wasn’t enough, about 5 songs into the set, the "mike doughty backup dancers" decided to push their way into the middle of the crowd. so i’m trying to enjoy the show, and then a drunk gentleman about 6 inches taller than me stops directly in front of me with his girlfriend leading the way. he proceeds to block my view from every angle when i try to move, and then, to make it worse, they start dancing. i turned to jess and actually called them the mike doughty backup dancers, band i think i said it kind of loud because in a song or two they left again.

but that didn’t stop the guy next to me from singing. at least he didn’t sing during "white lexus" because then we would have had a problem.

it’s always a good show, though, except that we normally don’t get back home until almost 12:30.

cool kids

Yesterday, we got our copy of Mike Doughty’s new album, Haughty Melodic. It didn’t come out until today. Wow. Are we cool or what? (It’s called pre-order.) It’s nothing that I haven’t heard before. He’s been doing all the songs live for some time now, but it’s nice to have them all in one place, without crowd noise behind it. We’ll hear them again tomorrow, too. Because that’s what we do.


Brendan joined the party on January 2, 2004. He's cool now.

Jessica has never been cool. She is OK with that.

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