I spent Thursday and Friday of last week in a class learning all about some regression methods using STATA. It’s funny how fast old behaviors and tendencies from my school going days came back. For example, I was annoyed at the people who asked questions about simple algebra; I did a lot of nodding; and some doodling in my notes.

After I got settled in, I did find that I enjoyed being back in the classroom. Class was a bit long: 8:30 – 4:30 and my brain tended to shut off at about 2:00 or so. But I hated taking Metro instead of the commuter bus. I did not like coming home as late as I did. (And I am sure that Brendan was not fond of me coming home as late as I did!)

I think I will stick to short bursts of official formal learning and teaching myself. I’m just glad I can still hack it in a Statistics course. 

Ada Lovelace Day

Today is Ada Lovelace Day. As such, I’ve been thinking about any women mathematicians/engineers/scientists who inspired me early on — and I’m coming up with nothing. My female math teachers were mostly uninspiring.  And in college I had just one – a Statistics professor – who struggled to deal with the students in our class (300-level) who just didn’t belong there (and asked questions like, “what’s the difference between a mean and a median?”). 

However, now, I work with a bunch of amazing women programmers, statisticians, economists and researchers. There’s no shortage of inspiration there. In fact, we celebrate often that – for one project – the entire programming team is made up of women. Woo! 

I can only hope that my own children come into contact with a wide variety – male and female – of role models. There’s a fair amount of assuming that goes on at our school – that Dads work and Moms stay home – but I try and counter that when I can. 

fun with numbers

I can’t help but look for patterns in numbers. I think I’ve mentioned it before (I don’t feel like looking for it) but my birthday is 8/25 and Bridget’s is the reverse, 5/28. I love that. I’ve been trying to find something special about John’s birthday, 8/19. 8+1 = 9, but that’s not really all that special. Then I realized that both 1+9 and 2+8 add up to 10. AND those are the only two dates in any month whose digits add up to 10. The chances of having one person born on either day in May is 2/31 and the same for August.  So there you go.

I am a giant dork.



j = size of jessica’s stuff
b = size of brendan’s stuff
m = size of misc stuff
c = capacity of eight passenger vehicle
x = size of bridget’s stuff


c = j + b + m + x


m = 1 person capacity
j = 2 person capacity and
b = 2 person capacity…

That means that x (aka Bridget) is = 3!!

it really didn’t feel like we were packing all that much. no wonder my parents used to take two cars when all 6 of us went downeoshun for two weeks!


My brother Kevin graduated high school earlier this week (YAY KEVIN!); he’s headed to my alma mater, Towson U for college.

Some things struck me in the program (not all surprises)

Total 226
Male 104
Female 122

Number % of total % of females
Headed to traditional 4 year college/university 49 21.68% n/a
Named Brittany/Brittney 12 5.31% 9.84%
Middle name Nicole/Nichole 17 7.52% 13.93%
First name Brittany/Brittney and Middle name Nichole/Nicole 4 1.77% 3.28%


Brendan joined the party on January 2, 2004. He's cool now.

Jessica has never been cool. She is OK with that.

And just so everyone is clear, what we say here is not endorsed by either of our employers.