Sometimes, things just work out. This afternoon we sold the box spring and old bed frame to a guy via craigslist (in preparation for Bridget’s new bed in a new bedroom) and then later we ended up buying a bassinet from someone else on craigslist.

It’s early still to be buying baby things, but honestly, we don’t really need much of anything else (except maybe clothes).  I am glad to have it checked off my mental list because it’s pretty full at the moment: three work projects in various states of development, remembering to get to book and/or Mom’s club, planning the TU ReU, planning Bridget’s new room and the nursery, planning Bridget’s birthday part, plus whatever else comes up!

busy summer

We had a pretty busy summer. Not only did we go to C’ville, but we also went on our trip to the Poconos, Ocean City and the Cottage. Each trip was not long enough, but fun.

  • The Poconos trip was originally supposed to include all the Muskoxen, but it ended up just being us and Keith and Shade’ with a few days with Kate and Vince, too. The photo above was from my favorite part, the Boulder Field at Hickory Run State Park. It was quite literally one of the most striking things I have ever seen. Mostly, we just chilled.
  • The trip to OC was more spur of the moment. We ended up staying not too far away from where I always stayed as a kid. Not a whole lot has changed, so we hit a few spots: Trimpers, Marty’s Playland, Assateauge and of course, the beach. Not too many photos because I mostly just wanted to enjoy the moment and I just didn’t feel like it!
  • Our annual trip to the Cottage was later than usual this year, but we got to visit with Brendan’s brother and his family who were up from Texas. The kids had a ball. In addition to all our regular activities, we went on a Safari and to Nelson’s Ledges (shown above).
  • All in all, it’s been a good few months.


    My brother Kevin graduated high school earlier this week (YAY KEVIN!); he’s headed to my alma mater, Towson U for college.

    Some things struck me in the program (not all surprises)

    Total 226
    Male 104
    Female 122

    Number % of total % of females
    Headed to traditional 4 year college/university 49 21.68% n/a
    Named Brittany/Brittney 12 5.31% 9.84%
    Middle name Nicole/Nichole 17 7.52% 13.93%
    First name Brittany/Brittney and Middle name Nichole/Nicole 4 1.77% 3.28%

    after your party…

    • number of new play houses: 1
    • number of punch cups to wash: 20
    • number of guests at the house: 4
    • contents of new plastic swimming pool: 2 watering cans, teapot and teacup, curious george jack-in-the-box
    • number of my little ponies: 3
    • number of twisties removed: one billion
    • number of pictures taken by Bridget’s parents: ZERO (oops)


  • Just look at her:

    She will be two at the end of the month, and she is DEFINITELY not a baby anymore. She likes:

    • necklaces
    • teaparties
    • dresses
    • Charlie and Lola
    • and various other girly type stuff

    I am planning a very girlish, Lola themed party.

  • We also got the house cleaned today. Holy crap. It feels so decadent. And we’ll continue getting it cleaned every two weeks. Already I feel like it was a totally fabulous decision. I feel compelled to keep it clean now, too. Bonus: it smells like lemons in here.
  • My garden is not doing as well as it could. Not enough sun. But nothing is totally dead, so that’s more than some people expected. It’s just taking its time.
  • a few things

    • My book club meets the second Monday of every month. When did I show up? The second Tuesday. The poor host’s husband answered the door and was all confused. I just thought I was the first one there. She was very sweet — and I wasn’t too terribly embarrassed.
    • Christmas is so much more fun now that there’s Bridget. She loved picking out a tree (she tried to hug all the little trees). She’s entranced by the Christmas lights. I could tell that she was a little confused when we brought the tree inside and started putting the lights on it, but once we plugged them in she said, "Oooooh!" It was perfect.
    • At the grocery store some time this week, I almost broke down crying: they were playing The Marvelous Toy over the sound system. I am such a sap. My brother and I used to make Dad play us that song when we were little.


    I love the Farmer’s Market. I’ve been trying to go every Sunday and now that the summer produce is in full swing, there is just such an abundance of good stuff. This week:

    • 2 tomatoes
    • 3 peaches
    • 1 cantaloupe
    • 3 zucchini

    And all for around $5.00 TOTAL.

    reasons to be happy

    1. It’s 80 some odd degrees.
    2. The cat is recovering well.
    3. The baby is getting a hang of this whole sleep thing.

      • We can watch movies.
      • I got 7 hours of continuous sleep last night.
      • Glen and Sarah came over last weekend and I had TWO whole beers!
    4. Bridget has taken a few steps on her own.
    5. It’s almost April.


    Brendan joined the party on January 2, 2004. He's cool now.

    Jessica has never been cool. She is OK with that.

    And just so everyone is clear, what we say here is not endorsed by either of our employers.