Johnny has a pretty advanced sense of humor.

Johnny: “DaDaDaDa”

Me: “say Mmmmmm”

Johnny: “MMMMMM!”

Me: “AAAAAh!”


Me: “MaMaMa”

Johnny: Pause. Blink. “DaDaDa!”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

In honor of my people (and in particular, my family) I’m going to celebrate by playing this:

Here’s what I’ve found:

During the uprising of 1798, John Kelly of Killane Co. Wexford, Ireland, was detailed by the Commander-in-Chief, Bagenal Harvey, to bring in all the available men from the Barony of Bantry for the planned attack on New Ross. He was seriously wounded in Michael Street, New Ross, following the successful attack on Three Bullet Gate. He was recovering in Wexford Town when it was recaptured by the British. A yeoman sergeant who was a neighbour and whose life he had saved some days before, gave evidence against him. He was hanged on Wexford Bridge, his trunk conveyed to the water and his head trailed and kicked along the streets before being spiked. Friends recovered the head and brought it to Killane for burial and a monument was later erected on the spot.

While there’s no evidence that we’re related, Killane is in County Wexford, where our line is rumored to have emigrated from. We also have multiple John’s in our line, including the first in our line to come to America (born around 1799).

For fun, I think I may just tell our son that this is for whom he’s named.

mean reds

Yesterday was one of those days. A Terrible Awful No Good Day. Or at least, it ended badly. Bridget did not nap. Not a single wink. Boy did she need a nap, too. By three she was bouncing off the walls and driving us all crazy. Poor Johnny is working on a tooth and so he’s been cranky and not wanting to sleep a whole lot and generally needy. The snow was falling and blowing and we were all inside. Together. For the fifth day.

There was a brief point where the snow ended and the sun came out briefly and so I went out and shoveled the drive. I’m sure this is why my mother always shoveled when I was growing up: to get away from us. Plus, it’s quiet outside just after the snow stops. I thought, maybe that break would be enough. But alas, it was not.

By 4:30 and after a whole lot of whining we had all (and by we I moslty mean myself) had just about enough. So I got Bridget in her PJs and fixed her some eggs and toast and had her ready for bed by 6. Man did she need to sleep. Of course, she fought it the whole way. Johnny went down at about 6:30 and she just started yelling for her Dad. She’d already tried Mom and I told her that I’d have to take “her guys” (whatever stuffed animal she’s picked for the night) away if I came back in. Switching it up was her way of trying to get around that.

But I went in instead and she was not happy. I had her hand over her guys and she just started bawling. Asking for dessert. Wanting her Dad. So I asked her, “Why do you want Dad?”

“Because I love him. You’re mean to me. You only love Johnny.”

That killed me. So I explained to her that I am not mean because I like it, that there are rules and she has to follow them. It’s bedtime. After some hugs and assurances that yes, I do love her, Johnny just needs extra attention right now, I back-tracked a little and let her have just one guy (instead of the usual two) and promised her I’d tuck in the other one after she went to sleep.

And of course, by now it was around 7. Her normal bedtime.

Beer and some emails to friends and family made me feel a little better.

We are on-track for a better day today. And that’s all I can really ask for.

a little late

If I had gotten this photo a little bit earlier, I could have sent it out with our Christmas cards:

It was what I was going for earlier. It’s still not perfect, but with a little adjustment  here and there… I’m just proud to have one of the both of them looking at the camera.

ho ho ho

Christmas at the Kelly household was a lot of fun. Bridget slept until almost 8am on Christmas Eve, so we were convinced we were in for a 4am wakeup call; it ended up she made it until 6:30 and stayed in her room — with grandma — until about 7. It took all her will-power to be patient at the top of the stairs (where you can see straight down into the living room) until Bren went down and turned on the lights and took the customary picture on the stairs.

She had a blast opening all of her (and most of John’s) presents. She loved everything of course. Well, except for when she opened the puppet theater. The back of the package was facing her when she unwrapped it and she said, “I don’t want a box.”

[More photos of Christmas (and the snow) are in the gallery.]

but of course

I had to go and mention that John is a pretty good sleeper because all hell has broken loose. Last night it was party time at 1:30am until oh, 4:30 or so. Normally on a Friday morning, this wouldn’t be so bad because I could sleep in; however, today we had to go for his 4 month checkup. So now he’s cranky because he’s overtired, teething and had shots today. It’s been full of awesome. I was hoping he’d just pass out and sleep all morning, but alas, it was not meant to be. He’s finally settled down and sleeping in his crib. Hopefully that will last more than 20 minutes.


My kids are too cute.

He’s just brimming with personality these days. Talking, shoving things in his mouth. It’s good times. Oh, and easygoing for the most part, too. We got crazy lucky. Sleep isn’t too much of a struggle, though there are moments.

I tried to get them both to cooperate for a nice shot on the bed together. But it didn’t quite work out (it’s well-lit though, so I suppose that’s something). He’s too interested in eating her hair.

Perhaps I’ll give it another go later on in the week. 

Bridget is uber-excited for Christmas this year. She really gets what’s going on now (and wants EVERYTHING) and it’s oh so much fun. We’ve been decorated minus the tree since just after Thanksgiving. Tree is going up this weekend.


Brendan joined the party on January 2, 2004. He's cool now.

Jessica has never been cool. She is OK with that.

And just so everyone is clear, what we say here is not endorsed by either of our employers.