• Just look at her:

    She will be two at the end of the month, and she is DEFINITELY not a baby anymore. She likes:

    • necklaces
    • teaparties
    • dresses
    • Charlie and Lola
    • and various other girly type stuff

    I am planning a very girlish, Lola themed party.

  • We also got the house cleaned today. Holy crap. It feels so decadent. And we’ll continue getting it cleaned every two weeks. Already I feel like it was a totally fabulous decision. I feel compelled to keep it clean now, too. Bonus: it smells like lemons in here.
  • My garden is not doing as well as it could. Not enough sun. But nothing is totally dead, so that’s more than some people expected. It’s just taking its time.
  • baby steps

    I planted a small (4′ x 4′) garden on Friday afternoon. Right now I’ve got some lettuce, arugula, parsley, broccoli plants and radishes, carrots, peas and scallion seeds. In the summer I’ll be adding tomatoes, a pepper, bush beans and basil. Rotating back to cool weather plants in the fall. We’ll see how it goes. It’s small in scale for sure. Brendan was worried I was going to become one of those "Tomato People" who bring in bagfuls to work in August because they got overzealous. I’m only planning on one cherry tomato plant and one regular plant. That should be close to perfect.

    We always had a garden when I was a kid: tomatoes, corn, zucchini, cucumber and beans usually. I did not like having to pick up rocks before dad tilled, or weed in the summer (and since Brendan made me an awesome raised bed — rocks were not a problem and hopefully weeds won’t be much of an issue either). But I did love eating raw vegetables while standing in the garden. I am hoping some of that will rub off on Bridget, because right now she does not have a good relationship with vegetables at all.

    very satisfying.

    Last night I decided to rearrange our living room furniture. So I got out the graph paper, had Brendan measure everything (not because I can’t measure, but because he thinks I can’t measure) and got to work. The plan I had envisioned in my mind and worked out on graph paper actually worked and I’m really pleased.

    I haven’t moved the living room around much at all since we moved in two years ago and it really needed it. Since there’s no television in there, I don’t have any chair to TV distance and angle requirements either and that makes moving things around even more fun.

    I wonder if we take photos and send them to IKEA if they’d use it in their catalog? I just have to remove one lamp and then everything in there, even most of the accessories, is from their store.


    I spent part of the morning cleaning up the flower bed beside our garage. There were a bunch of Oak trees (planted by squirrels no doubt) and other weeds and small trees growing in among the other shrubs. Since we had a bunch of other oversize stuff pulled out, we haven’t done much else…. I got a little too trigger happy and ended up lopping off pretty much all of what turned out to be a Rose of Sharon. Oops. Sorry, dear.

    four, almost three

    I have three days left in the office after I leave today. It’s starting to really hit home that it’s almost time. It’s weird, I hadn’t been thinking about the actual fact that we were having a baby for a while. I was too concentrated on all the things that we had to do to get ready, but now that’s just about finished. The nursery is all set. Clothes and blankets are washed and put away. We’re stocked up on diapers. Our bags are packed for the hospital. The carseat base is installed. What else is there to do but actually have a baby?


    The nursery is just about finished. Good thing, too. I only have one month — four weeks from Saturday — left. We still need a mattress and a chair and I still need to do laundry, but mostly, things are completed.

    Brendan is getting impatient. He wants to "get this show on the road". I’m not too sure about it myself. Yeah, I’m tired of carrying around and extra 30 pounds, but I’m not quite ready yet.

    I don’t think it will be long, though… Today I had to switch from riding the bus to taking the metro into work. Only because the walk from the metro station is shorter than the walk from the bus stop. Yesterday it took me almost a full half an hour to walk from the bus to the office. It’s seven blocks. I want to go faster, but my body doesn’t like it so much.

    I am thankful that I only have three weeks left in the office, too. Metro is borderline miserable at times. I forgot that. On the bus, I don’t have to deal with tourists, and it’s much more civilized. Everyone gets in a line when they arrive at the stop and when the bus comes, we get on in that order. Sometimes people even let me get on first, because I’m pregnant and that’s the nice thing to do. That never happens when the metro pulls into the station. I can’t move fast enough to be super-aggressive and today it took a few looks at people before someone would get up and give me a seat. Honestly. I’m not just a little pregnant where people might be afraid to offend me. I can barely see my feet. I only have to put up with it for three more weeks. That’s what I kept telling myself this afternoon. It actually doesn’t scare the bejeezus out of me either that we’re a month away from having a kid. I honestly don’t know if that’s good or bad.

    better now

    We got a few things done around here this weekend, and I feel much better. The nursery still needs a coat of paint, but the yard work and garage cleaning are pretty much done. Yay! Hopefully I’ll be able to park my car in the garage soon*. Of course, Brendan did most of the work, but I did help out a little. Plus I did my own little things — finally hanging the kitchen curtains and clipping back the hydrangeas. Now all that’s left is to sit out on the front porch and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

    *We have an electric range that we need to sell/donate if anyone’s interested….


    Yesterday I said goodbye to my Jetta and hello to a 2004 Vibe. As excited as I was to get the car, it was a little sad letting the Jetta go. When Brendan was thinking about getting the Jetta, I wasn’t too enthused — we were doing just fine as a one car household. So I gave him a list of things that I wanted: black, manual, sunroof etc. I didn’t expect him to find the exact car, but he did. But now, with my shoulder on the fritz again, I can’t really drive it. I was always terrified that when I shifted into 5th gear, my arm would just keep on going. The truck isn’t exactly practical for my future use, either. So that meant replacing the Jetta with a car I could drive easily, had a nice backseat, and a hatchback.

    I suppose though that just about anyone who has kids has to make this sort of adjustment. At least we didn’t have to go the minivan route like my brother did. My father always laments trading in his Monte Carlo when I was born. I imagine it looked something like this. I know he had the swivel bucket seats. Ah well, the first of many sacrifices for the offspring.


    We’ve made it through all of our holiday parties. No terribly embarrassing stories, either. I am though, usually the source of those and since I wasn’t drinking, I didn’t stick my foot in my mouth. Last weekend even I got caught up in the spirit. We got our tree, went to two parties and I made like 8 dozen cookies. No Christmas music though. All our cards are addressed, but nothing is mailed yet.

    Our tree has so far survived, too; however, it is still undecorated. The cats like to look at it though. It cracks me up. I’ll come down the stairs and one will be sitting on the floor and the other on the arm of a couch or chair. They’re just admiring it. We’ll see what happens when we hang shiny things from it.


    Brendan joined the party on January 2, 2004. He's cool now.

    Jessica has never been cool. She is OK with that.

    And just so everyone is clear, what we say here is not endorsed by either of our employers.