generally annoyed

Let me just complain for a minute about maternity clothes.

 Last time around, the pickings weren’t as slim as they seem now. Even H&M has really scaled back it’s offerings. I get that it’s a tough economic time, but pregnant people need clothes, too. And when there are clothes, they are freaking SACKS. Seriously, every shirt and dress is a big fat square. Who looks good in that regularly: skinny people. Who, by definition are not toothpicks? Pregnant people. I’ve got three shirts that are acceptable for work — good thing that I only go into the office three days a week!

Don’t even get me started on pants. I hate pants regularly, but they do not make it easy there either. Skinny pants, cigarette pants and little tiny shorts are all available in the maternity section. As are goucho pants that could fit three of me. Awesome. I don’t know who is "designing" this crap, but they are a bunch of idiots. 

OK, now I feel slightly better…

ah responsibility

In the past few weeks we have:

  • had the truck inspected (it failed)
    • took it to mechanic, he "fixed" what turned out to be a non-problem with some extra grease and had the truck re-inspected (it passed)
  • had extra maintenance done on the truck
  • got a new roof on the house
  • had the house thoroughly power washed

The new roof was originally supposed to go up on Tuesday, but the foreman called and said he was sick, so they’d put it off until Wednesday. So Brendan and I changed our regular schedules around (we normally work from home on Wednesdays) and got childcare squared away. Then, we came home to roofers working on the house Tuesday evening. Not a bad thing, just unexpected. So it was out to dinner and to Target and hoped they’d be done banging for the day before Bridget had to go to bed. They were more or less. They still had to come out on Wednesday to finish up, so all our schedule shuffling was not for nothing.

Then today the power washers arrived. They have been here for approximately 2 and a half hours. I had no idea it would take this long and be as loud as it is. Thankfully, Bridget (who is getting a cold) is napping through it. The compressor is giving me a slight headache, however. Seriously, who would have thought it’d take probably 4 hours at the rate they are going to rinse of the house. It must be pretty freaking dirty. Maybe we don’t have beige siding after all! 

In short, we are not moving any time soon. Our assessment came and let’s just say that although the property tax rate has gone up a good bit in the last year, we’ll end up paying less this year than we have in previous years. SIGH. I suppose I should be thankful we can make our payments. 

as promised

The Wedding

Geoff and Val’s wedding was stellar.  Brendan had our camera with him after the rehearsal, so all of our photos are of the boys hanging out the night before


and getting ready the day of.



And of course since we were both in the wedding, we didn’t get too many pictures of the event itself. But know that my hair was awesome, and everyone had a fantastic time. Seriously it was one of the top 5 weddings I’ve been to.

Christmas Prep


Bridget has been faithfully updating the Advent calendar daily, and always makes sure to turn on the tree as soon as she goes downstairs.  She "JUST CAN’T WAIT!!!" until Santa comes and brings her presents, "a pink one and a blue one." I’m not sure that we’ll be able to get her to sit still enough for the traditional photo. We will see.




This Christmas is going to be awesome. Last year was fun, but Bridget was still too young to really fully understand what was going on. This year, she’s already squealing over what she calls our "Christmas sings" (translation: Christmas things). She’ll get all giddy, clasp her hands in front of her and say "I just can’t wait!!" and bounce around. It’s the cutest damn thing ever.

If you ask, she’ll say she wants a Christmas tree (she loves Christmas trees) anda pink (or blue — it depends on the day) present under the tree. I imagine Christmas morning is going to be full of shrieks. But it’s going to be fabulous!

The only slightly annoying thing is that the Christmas music that she loves the best is the Chipmunks. Try and put anything else on and she’ll insist that it is not Christmas music. I only have myself to blame for that one, I’m the one who got her the CD. Ah well…


Room rental?

With all the hubub regarding the inauguration in January, there have been a lot of news reports about the lack of hotels in the D.C. area.

The question is, should we rent out our guest room? Maybe we could do a package deal where we include transportation to the Metro.

Or we could take in a friend or relative, I guess.

We do have inflatable mattresses, too. I wonder how much we can get for them…

really necessary?

The other day we got our converter boxes for the digital switch in February. You know, in case we at some point choose to live without cable (or satellite). And Brendan has been completely obsessed with getting it to work upstairs in our bedroom. I must first say that I’m pretty against having a television in the bedroom in the first place. But some people just need it — and Brendan is one of those people.

Last night he just plugged the box into the TV to see if we could get anything. Right, as if we just see if something just works around here. No way. I went to dry my hair and when I came back he was not in the room. He was down in the storage area in the basement looking for a damn antenna. Which did not work. Today he decided to get a new “fancy” digital antenna on his lunch break at work (for those of you paying close attention to the minutia of our lives, this is partially why he was forced to eat McDonalds for lunch). Guess what, that didn’t work either. After dinner, it was off to Best Buy with Bridget to get yet another antenna. I guess that didn’t work too well on it’s own either, because now there are wires askew all over our room. I had to duck under one to get in. It seems that he’s placed an anntena out in the crawl space above the roof on the short-side of the house, and maybe has another one going pointing in another direction towards the back window. I don’t think that’s working either. I just looked at him and said, “Seriously?” and left.

As long as it’s cleaned up before bed. I’m not trying to choke myself if I have to pee in the middle of the night.


The babysitter worked out wonderfully. We had a great time at the match. Six U.S. goals. A patriotic display. Brendan was even on TV! He’s got video extracted from it, I’m sure he’ll post it at some point. Bridget thinks it’s hilarious that her dad was on TV (because we’re dorks and DVR-ed the game even though we were there).


Then, today we decided it was too nice to stay inside, so we went to a park down the road a bit. On the way home, Brendan noticed a boy walking down a pretty busy road alone, and so, we decided to stop, turn around and see what the deal was. He was pretty scared and just wanted his mom, and was about 3. Oh, and he crossed the street on his own, too (it’s a four lane road). So I tried to converse with him in Spanish, and Brendan called the police. Four cops later, we had finally understood what his name was, they took his photo with a digital camera and went down the road to where we first noticed him and came back with some of his family. I was a little worried that they wouldn’t want to talk to the police but thankfully everything seemed to work out. He was with his grandfather, uncle and brother and lived all the way in Stafford. No wonder he was so confused and scared. Bridget totally understood that the little boy was lost and we helped him find his family. It all ended well.


And then, just now, three police cars rolled up to the house next door. There have been people over there working lately — mowing the grass, painting, running power tools out back. As far as I’m concerned, as long as someone is actively caring for the property, it’s a good thing. Brendan said that he heard some beeping while he was out grilling, so it’s probably just an alarm going off. Again, it’s all a good thing. There just hasn’t really been too many quiet moment here at home today.

where is my mind?

I was making cookies for Bridget to take to daycare tomorrow to celebrate her birthday (a day early since she won’t be there on the actual day), now I am making brownies. Why you ask? Because cookies need 2 1/4 cups of flour. I put in 5 quarter cups, put in the first batch and thought they might be a little bigger then usual. It wasn’t until I checked on them 6 minutes in that I realized I was a cup short on the flour. They were the grossest looking things. So now, brownies from a box that required no advanced measuring skills. GAH!


Brendan joined the party on January 2, 2004. He's cool now.

Jessica has never been cool. She is OK with that.

And just so everyone is clear, what we say here is not endorsed by either of our employers.