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Yesterday our new windows were finally installed: windows (that will not be drafty), a new sliding door off the living room (instead of a glass pane and a door that were put on backwards!), a new storm/screen door on the front that actually locks and shuts properly and matches the paint better, and most excitingly, a fancy shmancy garden window for the kitchen.


I’ll get to hopefully grow some herbs on that baby really soon. Oh the things that excite me now that I’m in my 30s.


We’ve had a ridiculous amount of rain. Ridiculous. 

Last night, I was sitting at a PTA meeting at school, which was of course running long, waiting for the conversation about where people should stand to pick up their children after school when my phone rang. I saw that it was Brendan but figured that he was just wondering why I wasn’t home yet – 45 minutes after the meeting was supposed to be over. My phone wasn’t catching much of a signal, so I let it go. And then I immediately got a text. So I walked out of the meeting to look at it.


Not exactly the best text to receive. As I walked outside, the rain was coming down seriously hard. Roads were flooding. Our street was full of water – it was almost over the curb. I came home to find our basement carpet soaking wet, all the electronics up off the floor (phew) and everything moved away from the exterior walls.

Poor Brendan was outside bailing out our one window well with a pink beach bucket. I took over and he went to the store fingers crossed that they’d still have something to help solve our problem. Water was just pouring in the window well from underground. It simply had no place else to go (we have gotten somewhere around 12-15 inches of rain the last 24 hours!). Thankfully, Bren was able to pick up a sump pump and get it working so we didn’t have to bail all night. 

There’s no school, and no daycare today. Hopefully there’s very little in the way of rain.

just a dash

Yesterday, the DC metro area got it’s first real bit of snow. Since it was a Wednesday, we were teleworking. Turns out that was probably the best thing we could have done. Down here, on the southern edge of the storm, we ended up with somewhere between 2 and 3 [very wet and heavy] inches. But it did come down fast. We had few friends stuck in terrible 8 – 10 hour commutes. They weren’t alone. Quite a few friends and family in Baltimore (where they had much more snow) are still without power, and might be through the weekend. (yikes!)  I am thankful our lines are underground and we are all warm.


After a bit of a traipse through the field, we got our tree yesterday from Evergreen Acres.

As Brendan reminded me yesterday, I shouldn’t be surprised at his need/want to look at a lot of trees before selecting one. It seems I forget it every year. It’s harder though, when I have a child in arms. I’m hoping next year will be easier on us all since Johnny should be an expert walker alonger by then. 

Yesterday we just added the lights, and today, the ornaments. Some favorites.


“Mom,” Bridget asked the other night, “why is there a hole in our ceiling?”

“Go ask your father.”

You see, we’ve had this hole in our ceiling in the kitchen for I think about four years. I honestly can’t remember what came first, the hole, or the birth of our first child. I think it was the hole. We came home to a water stain one day (our shower in the master bath is right above) and Brendan cut this hole to see what was going on. There’s no pipe or anything there, turns out we just needed some more caulk.

So why then, you might ask, is there still a hole in the ceiling? Brendan is very good with drywall repair. Well, it happens that the kitchen and the room off of it (the kids’ play area) is the only part of the house with ugly popcorn on it. So we want to replace the whole ceiling. But if we do that, then we might as well take down the paneling (that’s thankfully painted cream) on the walls of the play area. If we do that, then we might as well take up the stained Berber carpet that’s in the play area and the peel and stick tile in the kitchen. You see, it’s not really just the ceiling that needs fixed, it’s the whole room.

So we have a hole.

(I have seriously thought about contacting some remodel show on HGTV and begging for a renovation.)


more snow

Yup, we got a boatload of snow. I’ve done more shoveling the past two days than I have done my entire life. And there’s more snow coming. 

All our trees look like they are covered in marshmallow fluff. It’s quite pretty.

Bridget’s had a blast — she did a little sledding later in the afternoon (photos of that later on in the week, perhaps).

I’ve tried to get a little inspired with my photos, but I haven’t ventured too far. I’m afraid I’ll bust my tail and break the dang thing.

There’s more snow a’coming tomorrow, so I’ll have some more opportunities.



This is what we woke up to this morning; it’s still snowing. You can’t see the truck tires anymore. It’s got to be around two feet at least — but that’s nothing compared to the 30 inches my parents woke up to this morning. Jeepers!

I’m staying inside until tomorrow if I can help it. I don’t see the point in digging before it’s done snowing. We aren’t going anywhere. From the sounds of it, we aren’t going anywhere until Tuesday…

digging out

We spent the weekend away from the house visiting friends and family in Maryland. They got over 20 inches of snow, and it seems like we did here as well. When we left our friends’ house yesterday afternoon there was a little slush on the first road, but everything else was almost 100% clear. (My parents live on a snow emergency route, so there was no question that it would be plowed.)

On our way home, the highway in Maryland was wonderful. Bare pavement and just about all the lanes were clear all of the time. And then, we entered Virginia. I don’t know what they were doing in Virginia yesterday, but they certainly weren’t plowing to the same standard as Maryland. On the American Legion bridge, they had two lanes closed and were loading snow INTO A TRUCK to take it away. The beltway had about 2.5 lanes clear. And even major exit ramps — like to 95 in Springfield — were sketchy at best.

Now, keep in mind that we live two major roads off of the highway. The first road was great; all of the lanes were cleared. The next road, another busy street, still had a layer of snow on it, meaning there was little hope for our street. Before leaving, we pulled the truck into the driveway with the hope that the plow would go to the curb. No such luck.

Poor Brendan had to get the shovel from the house, make us a path to the garage, all while leaving the car in the street. Thankfully, we have great neighbors who let us put our car in their driveway for the night. Bren got the hard part shoveled (above) and helped our neighbors shovel more of their driveway in the dark last night while I got the kids to bed.

I took the above photo this morning. I had been hoping to wake up to a freshly plowed street, but alas, it was not meant to be. Someone did put sand on it, though. I know Maryland is a smaller state then Virginia, so they have less roads to plow, but it still seems like they know how to manage the situation much better in Maryland.

so much for plans

This post was going to be about how awesome the new front flower beds look. But about halfway through digging out the old flowers and small, young forest that has sprouted there, I had to take a break, planning on finishing up after Bridget’s nap. And then it rained. And rained some more. And it’s still raining today. I hope it stops at some point.


Since this weekend is the only weekend in May that we had absolutely no plans made we just decided to relax at home and do a few things, but not too much. So far, it’s been a pretty easy task to accomplish.

 Yesterday Brendan took down the Japanese Maple that totally died in the front yard. It was partially dead when we moved in and slowly just kept dying. I know those things are crazy expensive, and I feel a little sad that it died, but when the tree guys were here a few years back they said there wasn’t really anything that we could do. Oh well.


Today, I made bagels. I was a little dubious at first, I thought it sounded a little bit too easy, but they turned out pretty great. I am just a little bit proud of myself, actually. 

 Later, Bren and Bridget are headed out to Home Depot for some stuff for the seemingly endless backyard drainage project.  I kid, because it is 10,000 times better than it ever was before, and there is just a little regrading and grass seeding that still needs to be done. Honestly, our backyard is the bane of my existence. 

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