in case

In case you hadn’t noticed, our wedding and honeymoon photos are in the gallery. 

It’s been fun going through them again. Well, at least it’s been fun for me. Poor Brendan organized all the wedding photos into pre-ceremony, ceremony and reception and reasonable orders for each. And he also took off the timestamps from the honeymoon photos. He’s probably sick to death of them.

What I love is first how damn young we both are. I mean seriously. I was barely 21, and Bren was 22.

There’s a game I like to play with the photos, too. It’s called What are they saying?

Are my cousins discussing the qualities of the white wine?

What is so funny, Dad?

You look so happy to be here, Dan…

Blah, blah, blah.

Now, we have to plan a trip for our tenth anniversary next year. Where to go?


Brendan joined the party on January 2, 2004. He's cool now.

Jessica has never been cool. She is OK with that.

And just so everyone is clear, what we say here is not endorsed by either of our employers.