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Yesterday, the DC metro area got it’s first real bit of snow. Since it was a Wednesday, we were teleworking. Turns out that was probably the best thing we could have done. Down here, on the southern edge of the storm, we ended up with somewhere between 2 and 3 [very wet and heavy] inches. But it did come down fast. We had few friends stuck in terrible 8 – 10 hour commutes. They weren’t alone. Quite a few friends and family in Baltimore (where they had much more snow) are still without power, and might be through the weekend. (yikes!)  I am thankful our lines are underground and we are all warm.

happy discovery

Thanks to an email from my uncle with a photo of my grandparents on their wedding day, I realized that my favorite shots I scanned way back in 2008 were also from that day. Still, there’s a little discrepancy as to who it is with my grandmother. Is it her best friend, as I had written down, or was it her younger sister as my uncle said? I’m inclined to think it’s her sister.

I think it’s time to buckle down and get myself to the archives again.

merry & bright


Kids (and adults) had a good Christmas.

Johnny’s favorite present by far was a bag of Animal Crackers in his stocking from Santa. He carried them (and some Hotwheels) around all morning. (He’s got a bit of a cold; sorry about the boogers.)

Bridget’s Snuggie from Santa was a huge hit as well. She’s been wanting one hardcore for a while now. 

Happy Holidays!

(Hope we get enough snow tomorrow that it’s fun, but not too much that it’s a headache.)


My brother got married this weekend. Of course, our camera battery was super-low (and we left without the charger), so we only got a few photos with our iPhones.

It was a really lovely ceremony and reception. 

Bridget was flower girl and did a really nice job of sprinkling and not squirming too much during the ceremony.  She looked 100% adorable (as usual), and by the time the third or forth person told her how pretty she was, she was over it and just said “Thanks” in a way that just meant “Yeah, I know”

After the ceremony, we all went down to the hall under the church and had our pictures taken in small groups and signed our own scrapbook page. Pretty sure my brother is going to have no problem figuring out which page is ours (even if Bridget hadn’t written her name as big as she could on the page). 

back in the habit

Pulled out the camera the other night to get back in the habit. I’ve been taking too many with just my iPhone camera. And while that is handy and fast and all, it’s just not the same. Plus, at some point in the near future, I’m going to need to get some quality snaps of the kids for Christmas cards. Jeez, I cannot believe that the holidays are really just right around the corner.

It wasn’t really the best time of the day — it was dark, but the SpeedLight helps things. I’m still trying to decide if I even want to attempt taking a photo of both kids at once. It’ll be exponentially easier to do them separately I think.


Over the long Columbus Day weekend, we packed up the kids and headed to Ohio to visit with Pat, Steph and the kids at their new house. Heading to the pumpkin patch has become sort of a tradition around this time, as it’s always close to Hannah’s birthday.

We headed to the local apple orchard, had a some delicious cider and donuts.

Johnny thought about taking a step or two.

And then we celebrated Hannah’s birthday with some of her friends from school. (I love this picture because it looks like Johnny is a little ladies man!)

The kids always have such fun together (and grownups do, too).

[All the photos in the gallery]


This morning I had a nice coffee and chat with my cousin (second cousin, if we’re being technical) who I haven’t seen in what we figured was about 8 years (more or less). It used to be that we’d see each other once a year at the ol’ Morrison Reunion. The one pictured above is circa 1990 (I am rocking Jams and an OP sweatshirt). It always seemed to take a day or so (over a weekend) to get straight who all the adults were and how they were all related.

We always had a lot of fun.

And then we grew up.

When I think about it, here in 1990, my mother was in her 30s. I’m just inside of mine, so as strange as it is to think about all of us, especially the younger ones, as adults, it’s the way it is. My kids would be the ones sitting on that big rock (or bench) now.

I’ve got some really great memories of those times. I was the youngest of the girls that used to hang together, and I so admired all of my cousins. They were cooler and braver than I was. We had our own cabins/rooms (depending on the year), and always stayed up late and ran around like we owned the place. Canoes and basketball and badminton and camp fires. And the talking! So much talking.

The talking with some cousins has always been easy. No matter how long is in-between visits.


maybe someday

Any time we drive through rural areas, be it on the way to the cottage, on the way to visit friends in Pennsylvania, going to pick apples (you get the idea), I get this intense urge to want to leave the suburbs (where I’ve always lived) and live in an old farmhouse with acres and acres.

Such a place (Maple Grove Farm, pictured above) does exist in my extended family. This is the farm where my grandmother grew up. No one lives there. I think it has indoor plumbing (there’s electricity for sure). Sometimes I dream about leaving here and moving there. Sure, there’s no job waiting for me (or Brendan), but who cares! Lets go!

But I sort of wonder if we’re cut out for it. Right now, I think I will settle for living vicariously through people who do live on acres and go from there. 

Plus, we do have the cottage to go to.


Brendan joined the party on January 2, 2004. He's cool now.

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