Room rental?

With all the hubub regarding the inauguration in January, there have been a lot of news reports about the lack of hotels in the D.C. area.

The question is, should we rent out our guest room? Maybe we could do a package deal where we include transportation to the Metro.

Or we could take in a friend or relative, I guess.

We do have inflatable mattresses, too. I wonder how much we can get for them…


I just want to vote.

 The lines in Alexandria when we dropped Bridget off at daycare were blocks long. No one was on the Metro and the office is practically empty. It’s like the day after Christmas around here.

…and done

I was all ready to wait in line in the rain to cast my vote and… there was no line. There was a steady stream of people, and I am sure it will pick up after work hours.

holy civic duty!

I had to run out to Target (again) this evening, and not only was traffic completely insane, but when I drove by the DMV (where there’s early voting and today is the last day) this time, the lot was completely full, people were parking on the shoulder and down at the vet. The line was all the way out the door and around the corner of the building. Hundreds of people. We’re totally taking a half day on the 4th. I think the buzz is just going to be amazing and I cannot wait!


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