ho ho ho!


We had a pretty Merry Christmas around these parts. Brendan and I are both a little bit sick, so we didn’t do the full Irish breakfast as we have done the past two years. We meant to this morning, but still haven’t done it. The bacon will have to be cooked soon. Perhaps tomorrow.


We spent Christmas Eve with my family and just hung out here yesterday (we’re still hanging out here today and for the forseeable future). It’s been pretty relaxing. 

All the photos are in the gallery, and Brendan even posted 10 minutes of Bridget opening presents on you tube. (It’s really not that exciting.)

We’re gearing up to do some household re-arranging (which I love) over the next few days, and 2/3 of the other Muskoxen are coming to visit for New Years. Excitement abounds! That’s just how we roll.

tree tomorrow

The title says it all, really. We’re off to get our Christmas tree tomorrow. We’ve switched places officially, too. The place we used to go has gotten much more popular and isn’t such a drive into the country any more. So now we go south to Ralph’s. We actually met Ralph at the farm last year and he was very nice and so was our tree.

I feel like we’re running behind schedule. We just ordered prints to include in the cards, and it just feels like there’s just enough time to get them, cut them, address the cards and send them out. I’m feeling like I have to get them done ASAP! I don’t know why that is because we haven’t gotten a single card in the mail yet. Maybe it’s just because Thanksgiving was quite late in the month. 

I’m trying to really enjoy myself this holiday season, though. Just tonight Bridget was upstairs dancing in her room to Christmas music (on the radio station that is playing nothing but Christmas music). Any other year I’d try and avoid that station. I don’t really like the songs any more (except for Bing and Perry, I love me some Bing Crosby and some Perry Como), but it is fun to watch Bridget love them. 

choo choo!

Since we didn’t have anything going on yesterday, I thought it might be nice to take Bridget to a train garden. I just assumed that it was a common thing everywhere. Apparently not. It seems like it might be a Maryland/Baltimore thing. I could not find a single one in Virginia. I just thought it was something Volunteer Fire Departments did. Not so much. We’ll have to hit up the AVFD when we go to my parents’ next weekend.

a few things

  • My book club meets the second Monday of every month. When did I show up? The second Tuesday. The poor host’s husband answered the door and was all confused. I just thought I was the first one there. She was very sweet — and I wasn’t too terribly embarrassed.
  • Christmas is so much more fun now that there’s Bridget. She loved picking out a tree (she tried to hug all the little trees). She’s entranced by the Christmas lights. I could tell that she was a little confused when we brought the tree inside and started putting the lights on it, but once we plugged them in she said, "Oooooh!" It was perfect.
  • At the grocery store some time this week, I almost broke down crying: they were playing The Marvelous Toy over the sound system. I am such a sap. My brother and I used to make Dad play us that song when we were little.

Merry (belated) Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Bridget had no idea what was going on, but the rest of us enjoyed it. We spent Saturday with my mother, Sunday with Jessica’s family, then Christmas day with just the three of us sitting around the house for some much needed rest. Bridget even took a couple of long naps (long=more than 45 minutes normally), each lasting about an hour-and-a-half. We consider this to be the "Christmas Miracle."

The naps gave us time to make and enjoy a partial Irish Breakfast (everything except for the puddings and beans, see picture below). That’s not ham, it’s a rasher (Irish bacon), and it’s awesome. I even made the brown bread that morning.

You can also check out the disaster that used to be our living room:

Tons of pictures from all the visits and yesterday morning can be found in the Christmas 2006 gallery. Bridget has her own Christmas gallery, with a lot of extra pictures.

Hope everyone else had a good holiday. I, unfortunately, must work today.


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