oh yeah

I know that I haven’t really talked much at all about the pregnancy. This should bring you up to date.

  • We are having a girl. (Here she is.)
  • Yes we have some names picked out. No, I’m not telling you what they are.
  • My belly is mine. Please don’t touch it.
  • The nursery is in-progress. Painting is almost complete. Some advice, if you have built-in shelves, plan on spending two days priming and painting them.
  • Child preparation classes in northern Virginia are likely to be non-refundable. Remember this when you are calling to sign up for one. If you should happen to accidentally call the wrong place expect them to give you a hard time when you try and get it back. Don’t give up though, especially if they don’t actually tell you it’s non-refundable until you realize you made a mistake. (I got all but $30 back, btw).
  • I miss sleep. The kickboxer wakes up at about 3am every morning.


I have never been so excited to cook dinner. Tomorrow afternoon our kitchen countertops are finally being installed. Thank God. I have been spending so much time today thinking about what is going to be the first thing I make. I still don’t know, but the important thing is that it could be anything I want.

No more microwave meals.
No more ordering takeout.

Chinese for dinner tonight was utterly unsatisfying. The restaurants around here aren’t anything to speak of either. There is just about every chain restaurant you could imagine… but very few smaller, family owned establishments.

It’s not just the cooking that I’m excited about: we’ll finally get our dining room back. Right now the table is covered with canisters, applicances, silverware, containers, and there’s even more on the floor. It will be nice to finally have it all put away, and to eat at the table again instead of gathered around the ottoman in the living room.

got a shower invite in the mail yesterday

Crazy: I found out my old roommate from college is pregnant (she’s about 8 months).

Crazier: I’m pregnant, too (3 months).*

*I’ve been trying to think of a clever way to announce it to the internet, but couldn’t come up with a single thing. So this is what you get.


Brendan joined the party on January 2, 2004. He's cool now.

Jessica has never been cool. She is OK with that.

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