over it

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. Haven’t had too much to say. [Or well, publicly anyway.]

It’s coming back, albeit a little slowly. I’ve just got to get back into the swing of things.


Bridget is now sleeping like a champion (at least at night, but naps are getting there). We have our little routine and then she goes in the crib, lays down and cries just a little (but is done before I’m even out of the room). There’s no more sitting up and sleeping; it’s so regular. I’ve had a whole week of sleeping for seven hours in a row. In the evenings, I almost don’t know what to do with myself. It’s so weird. But for ten months I’ve been tending to a little baby. She’s not such a baby anymore and it makes me just a little bit sad. I am glad to be sleeping again (because I love sleep), but it’s strange not having her need me.


This week is my first week back at work. Yesterday went pretty well. I’m only here in the office for four hours in the mornings this week (except for Friday, since I now have those off) and Brendan is home with Bridget when I’m here — both things helped out a whole lot yesterday. I didn’t cry until I got home. Today seems to be going just fine, too.

It helps that I get here pretty darn early. I figure that I’m up anyway at 4am, so I might as well just stay up. Right now it seems like my whole life revolves around sleep. Getting Bridget to sleep well at night, getting her to take naps while not being held, thinking about the next time that I’ll get to sleep, too. I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon!

[Yet more photos of Bridget]


Yes, I know, I haven’t written anything in a long time. If you’re thinking that’s because we’ve been busy, decorating the house for Christmas, buying gifts, sending cards…you’d be totally wrong. Haven’t done any of that just yet. Hardly any shopping is done at all, and I just started addressing cards today. And no decorations or tree just yet.

So what has been going on? A whole lot of nothing. I keep meaning to post something, then I forget. When I remember, it’s too late. In fact, I was thinking about this very thing yesterday on the bus ride home and I had a whole list of things I was going to write about that I’d neglected to; however, I have forgotten all of it. I knew I should have written it down.

I swear I’m losing my mind.

Today, I’m working from home. While I’m still in my PJs and sitting on the couch with the TV on, I have gotten more things done than I do during the same time at the office. Fewer interruptions.

Tonight is the first of the holiday parties for us — it is Brendan’s office party. Like other people, I’m not the biggest fan of forced socializing, but I’ll be OK. His co-workers are nice people. Plus, there’s another party tomorrow (after we actually get our tree) and then a cookie exchange on Tuesday. There are more, but we’re not going.


I grabbed dinner at Panera last night before (my last) tutoring session, and I overheard a ridiculous conversation. It wasn’t my fault, the girl was loud and seated at the booth behind me. I’m glad my back was to her because I was holding back laughter the entire time.

Apparently, she just got back from a four day trip to Florence, Italy where she fell in love. She went on and on to the woman she was with about this guy. You see, she’d just been through a bad breakup with a serious-they-almost-got-married boyfriend. She was so happy that she found out she could "love like that again." Now, she’s ready to get a job in Italy. But not to be with the new guy. No, that would be silly. Because she feels like something is in the air and that something big needs to happen.

My favorite part though, was when she was talking about a friend of hers who she was no longer really talking to. When she and the previous boyfriend broke up, this girl sent her an email that said she respected their friendship, but she could not be her therapist. Ms Talkative was said to her companion, "she’s just jealous because she married the first guy she slept with." I almost spit out my soup at that point.

I was there for 45 minutes, eating, doing soduku, waiting until it was time to go to class and the for the entire time she did not shut up. Now, I know that sometimes I talk a whole lot, but this was just insane. And seriously, I didn’t have to even try to hear any of this.

It did make me feel more normal than I usually do, so that was a good thing I suppose.


Like a lot of people, I have to do my Sudkoku puzzle every day. Today, the Express (the free paper by the Washington Post) introduced a new puzzle (skip to page 67): Samurai Sudoku. It has five overlapping regular 9 block Sudoku grids. I want to start on it right now, but I’m trying to control myself and save it until later.


My head is going a million miles a minute today. It’s racing around in circles. It’s like a small tornado in there. All day. Earlier I felt like running around and around the block — but it was over 90 and humid so I went shopping instead. That worked for a while, but here I am, restless again at 10 o’clock. Yay.

Thank God we are going on vacation on Friday. Obviously I need it. Hopefully the west coast will be good to me. It’ll be my first time.

paper balls

Keith sent along this link today. Try to throw as many pieces of paper in the trash can in a row as you can, taking into account wind speed and direction (of course). I’m only up to 11, I’m sure you can beat me.

all alone

Brendan’s on his plane by now, on his way to Orlando for his office’s annual meeting. He’ll be back Tuesday. I’m used to it by now, it’s the third year he’s gone. Orlando is a much calmer town (I imagine, anyway) than last year’s location: New Orleans.

Sure, I guess I’ll miss having him around, but I’ll be plenty busy… An excursion into Old Town this weekend with my mother and grandmother, teaching starting up again Monday… Plus, I’ll be too busy playing my records (yes, real vinyl ones) that he doesn’t like really loud and cooking food he doesn’t like to smell cooking, and hogging all the covers to really have time to be emotional about it.


Brendan joined the party on January 2, 2004. He's cool now.

Jessica has never been cool. She is OK with that.

And just so everyone is clear, what we say here is not endorsed by either of our employers.