alone again

I know quite a few people who, for various reasons, find themselves alone for periods of time without their spouses around, and I don’t really know how they manage not to go insane.

For the second time this month, I’m home with the kids while Brendan is not. First, over Spring Break he went to San Francisco for a conference for four days. Don’t get me wrong, I had fun hanging out with the kids and taking a break from working, but it was exhausting. Last night, he left again for a camping trip with the Muskoxen. He’ll be back tomorrow, and it’s not like today was hard on me or anything (the kids had been sick but they are better now and both went off to their usual school and daycare today).

The evenings are always a bit harder for me. I find myself wishing I had a pal to hang out with. Locally, there really isn’t anyone. I do have friends, they just live hours away. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I am really awful at meeting people. I’ve (sort of) tried and it’s never quite clicked. Having kids has actually made it harder. I over-think it, I know.

Wah, wah, wah. I actually feel bad being all angsty about this stuff. There are people with real problems and here I am all melancholy because my husband went on a trip with his BFFs for a day and a half? Jesus. What a hard life I have.

That being said, I think I shall go somewhere by myself. Alone. Maybe see some damn art. 

digging out

We spent the weekend away from the house visiting friends and family in Maryland. They got over 20 inches of snow, and it seems like we did here as well. When we left our friends’ house yesterday afternoon there was a little slush on the first road, but everything else was almost 100% clear. (My parents live on a snow emergency route, so there was no question that it would be plowed.)

On our way home, the highway in Maryland was wonderful. Bare pavement and just about all the lanes were clear all of the time. And then, we entered Virginia. I don’t know what they were doing in Virginia yesterday, but they certainly weren’t plowing to the same standard as Maryland. On the American Legion bridge, they had two lanes closed and were loading snow INTO A TRUCK to take it away. The beltway had about 2.5 lanes clear. And even major exit ramps — like to 95 in Springfield — were sketchy at best.

Now, keep in mind that we live two major roads off of the highway. The first road was great; all of the lanes were cleared. The next road, another busy street, still had a layer of snow on it, meaning there was little hope for our street. Before leaving, we pulled the truck into the driveway with the hope that the plow would go to the curb. No such luck.

Poor Brendan had to get the shovel from the house, make us a path to the garage, all while leaving the car in the street. Thankfully, we have great neighbors who let us put our car in their driveway for the night. Bren got the hard part shoveled (above) and helped our neighbors shovel more of their driveway in the dark last night while I got the kids to bed.

I took the above photo this morning. I had been hoping to wake up to a freshly plowed street, but alas, it was not meant to be. Someone did put sand on it, though. I know Maryland is a smaller state then Virginia, so they have less roads to plow, but it still seems like they know how to manage the situation much better in Maryland.



And from the looks of it, it’s going to be snowing for at least 24 hours. Oh, and we’re here visiting Keith and Shade’ for the weekend. Actually, the last time we had a big snowstorm, we were out of town. However, I was sure to pack extra clothes and we made certain we were here before the snow started coming down. Now all that’s left to do is to sit back and enjoy it.

The part I love the best about the snow is the way that the cold smells and feels. That is, until I get snow in my gloves and/or shoes; then, I am done. Done. I have a feeling that Bridget will have a grand time outside with Brendan and Keith. I’ll have a little fun, take some photos and then hang out with the baby and whoever else wants to be nice and cozy inside.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be working remotely on Monday. =)


Oh poor blog. You have been so neglected.

Our short trip to the cottage this year was fun. Bridget had so much fun. She’s proven to be completely fearless when it comes to swimming and she is definitely not afraid to get dirty. All good things. We made sand castles, skipped rocks, ate when we were hungry and generally had a relaxing time. It stunk not being able to stay longer, but we needed to save our leave.

The nursery is pretty complete. I still have to nail up some photos. And I’m waiting until the baby is born to finish an emboridery project since we will not know what his first initial is going to be until we see him. Bren and I came to an agreement: He will be named X (Brendan and Bridget’s choice) if he has brown eyes and he will be named Y (my choice) if he has blue eyes. We both like both names, and were very analytical in our approach. We made a big list, then independently said yes or no to them. Then took the cross-section of the yes-yes names and then went from there. It was pretty clear early on what the front-runners were going to be.
Right now, I’m one day past my due date. I feel like I’m going to be pregnant forever. Rationally, I know that it’s just not possible, but that doesn’t help get over that feeling too much. I’m working at home 100% of the time and usually it’s OK, but some days I just feel like I’m going to go totally INSANE. So today I’m keeping myself as busy as possible between work emails and tasks. Laundry, dishes and now, this.
Lastly, Bridget has started wanting to take pictures all the time. Some attempts are better than others.  We’re definitely getting her her own camera for Christmas (if not before then).

why, oh why?

What the hell am I doing up? The smoke alarm upstairs decided that it was going to beep to let us know the battery was dying at about 4:15am this morning. I tried to go back to sleep — and normally this is not a problem for me — but I just kept tossing and turning. An hour later, I just decided to get up. My brain will just not stop working. It’s working overtime at the moment, figuring out how to code things for work and considering preschool for Bridget and how exactly  maternity leave is going to work…

Now, I’m just wishing we had coffee here in the house.

old school

In stark contrast to our new-fangled GPS, we pulled the record player up out of the basement and are now enjoying the musical stylings of the Chipmunks singing the Beatles. We’ll move on to more interesting selections later. It took a little work. The poor turntable didn’t want to turn, but after a re-threading of the band, it’s working just fine.  On top of that, we’re burning through a lot of wood in the fireplace, so it just feels like an old-fashioned kind of day.

no kidding!

I’m sitting here working, listening to tunes on my shuffle and with each song I think, "Hey, I really like this song!"

My response to myself, "Um, no kidding dummy. That’s because you set it up that way!"

I need to get out more…


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Jessica has never been cool. She is OK with that.

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