Updated (again)

It seems like I just did this…

Last February, I grew tired of our design and blogging component, so I did a bunch of behind-the-scenes work on the site to upgrade the content management system and design. I thought we were set for a while.

Then, in December, we had a bit of an issue where the site got hacked and was spitting out links in search engines to pharmacy sites. Nice. After playing around a bit, I determined that the best course of action would be to wipe the slate clean and start over. This way I can upgrade Joomla again to 3.0, have a nice clean installation that hasn’t been messed with too much, and we can move forward. I also took the opportunity to clean up our server.

As a result of this cleanup and upgrade, we’ve decided to remove the travelblog (because we haven’t added anything to it in years) and photo gallery. I know the grandparents will be disappointed, but we’ve decided it was too much to keep up with, and that it would be easier to just select a few images and add them to blog posts, or people can just catch them on Facebook. Also as a result of this cleanup, all of the images in previous blog posts are broken, and we have no intention of updating them. Again, sorry.

I hope you enjoy the new streamlined brenandjess.com.

updates (shoulder and cider)


The cider has finished fermenting and has been moved to secondary — to carbonate and to mellow. It is strong. It’s about 10% alcohol at the moment and very dry and tart. We’ll be sweetening one of the two gallons with some local honey (which should bring down the alcohol content) and leaving the other alone. It’s going to be good. We should probably let it age much longer than we are planning, but it might be something that we try again. Because while I am not wearing a sling, my arm is still delicate and I can’t be repetitively chopping apples. I’ve been trying to take it easy and so far so good. Next up though, Brendan is going to brew some Pumpkin Beer. Yummy.


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