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This bill is just atrocious. It takes an awful lot for me to send an email to my delegate, but this one did the trick. Here’s the gist:

When a fetal death occurs without medical attendance, it shall be the woman’s responsibility to report the death to the law-enforcement agency in the jurisdiction of which the delivery occurs within 12 hours after the delivery. A violation of this section shall be punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Furthermore, this bill means that a woman who experiences a spontaneous loss of pregnancy will have her privacy violated significantly more than if she had chosen an abortion. Though Virginia requires that induced terminations of pregnancy be reported, those reporting forms require only a ?patient number? and information on the procedure. The ?report of fetal death? asks for the woman?s full name, her history of prenatal care, her marital status, her education history, her previous deliveries (if any), and a number of other very intrusive data items.

There are so many other things that are wrong with this bill. Read more here and here.

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london baby!

Photos from our London trip are up in the gallery. Highlights include:

Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

The London Eye

The Tower of London

Buckingham Palace

St Paul’s Cathedral

the Changing of the Guard

the British Museum

the Rosetta Stone

and others…

home jeeves

We’re back. And good and tired.

I had the most fun in London, though. It was hard not to shop all the time. Monsoon has the best trousers I’ve had on anywhere. They actually fit through the hips and the waist doesn’t pucker in the back when I sit and show off my underwear to the entire world. It’s so nice. Sadly, they don’t have a store here, and they don’t deliver anywhere except to the UK and Ireland. I had to limit myself to just one pair of pants, but I’m going to wear the hell out of them.


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