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I hadn’t planned on working from home today, but that’s how things ended up today. I had a routine annual checkup scheduled this morning, and it ended up getting pushed back about an hour – it had been a busy night for my midwife practice. After that, the idea of about 45 minutes on the Metro just didn’t sound appealing (not to mention having to take it back to the end of the line then drive half an hour home). So it was back to the home office to work sans children for the day (which was nice and productive).

That meant of course, that I could pick Bridget up from the bus stop in the afternoon. Her bus is routinely on the late side (seemingly only when I pick her up) but today it was really late. So there we were, me and a grandmother and baby brother of another kindergartener on the bus. While we were waiting this dude comes ambling down the street past us, then back to us. Then he says something nonsensical and slightly offensive regarding the baby. And I tell him to go on his way. He keeps talking to me. Telling me I look like a man (which is possibly accurate), and I tell him again he needs to go on his way. And then he throws a few explitives asks me my name and comes towards me – I had to push him away and tell him to leave once again (pretty firmly). The grandmother has the baby in her arms and has put a little distance between us (as I would have). It’s clear that he’s pretty drunk. Finally he leaves and crosses the street. Only to yell more explitives at another bus (not the kiddo’s) and then goes up on the side deck of another house (where I know he doesn’t live). So for only the second time in my life, I called the police. Then texted Brendan to get himself to the bus stop, too. And the bus came right after and we all went home.

I was pretty calm until we got inside. I found myself thinking that maybe I should have been nicer to the guy. Which is a little unbelievable. Clearly being firm and the call to the police was the way to go.  

By the time they came to talk to me, quite a bit of time had passed so I doubt they will actually talk to the guy – whoever he is. I’m fairly certain I’ve never seen him before in my life, but you’d better believe I will avoid him should I ever see him again.

Of course having the police come and knock on the door was just about the most exciting thing that has ever happened for the kids. Johnny kept asking when they were coming back (I’m hoping never).

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