I spent Thursday and Friday of last week in a class learning all about some regression methods using STATA. It’s funny how fast old behaviors and tendencies from my school going days came back. For example, I was annoyed at the people who asked questions about simple algebra; I did a lot of nodding; and some doodling in my notes.

After I got settled in, I did find that I enjoyed being back in the classroom. Class was a bit long: 8:30 – 4:30 and my brain tended to shut off at about 2:00 or so. But I hated taking Metro instead of the commuter bus. I did not like coming home as late as I did. (And I am sure that Brendan was not fond of me coming home as late as I did!)

I think I will stick to short bursts of official formal learning and teaching myself. I’m just glad I can still hack it in a Statistics course. 

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