soaking it up

This weekend it was ridiculously warm – in the 60s – and knowing that it wasn’t likely to last (being that it’s January), so we hopped in the car and took the back roads to Harper’s Ferry.


We attempted to take some photos of the kids together, but that’s easier said than done. We didn’t get too much hiking in, we saw some trains, had lunch, climbed the hill up some steps to get a view of the river, walked down and over the bridge across to the Maryland side and attempted a little walk, but it just wasn’t working (with the kids) so we went back across, had ice cream, walked a bit more and headed back home. 

Before we came home, we stopped off at a “nanobrewery” called Corcoran Brewing Co. that was about a mile and a half off the main road. Just hanging out next to some residences is this little place. There was quite a little crowd — they are only open Saturdays — there was a fundraiser happening for the Dropkick Murphy’s charity. So there was lots of music and Irish dancing going on while we had our tastings. It was quite enjoyable.

(And a few days later, it snowed, of course)


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