I am not normally one for formal resolutions at the start of the year, but if the Mayans are right and this is in fact our last year of existence, here goes nothing.

1. Less screen time. The internet isn’t going anywhere and I’m not going to miss anything that important. (Right?) And missing out on a show or two isn’t going to ruin me*. 

1a. More kid time. And hopefully less me agonizing over things getting completed the right way, and just letting them do a dang project. (Really, you have no idea how hard it is sometimes to just keep my hands off.)

1b. Read more books. I used to. I can again.

2. Make more. Ideas are great and all, but having them go nowhere isn’t accomplishing much of anything.  

3. Keep up with the eating right and sort of exercising. I haven’t really blogged about it at all, but I’ve lost over 30 pounds since this spring and have been dabbling in running. Winter running and I aren’t really getting along, but brisk dog walking should do for a while. 

4. Maintain correspondence with more than just two friends. I love emails (and real mail) and by golly, the best way to get either is to hand it out. 

5. Biting my tongue. Enough with the snark. 

And that’s where I’ll leave it. Let’s not go crazy here. 




*Except Downton Abbey – I had to add that one. But promise to drop something else so it balances out.

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