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last year's slaughter

Usually we head out in early December to go chop down a tree. This year though, will be different: today we purchased an artificial tree. Brendan declared that “I won” because not only is in an artificial tree, but it is prelit with white lights only. 

You see, I maintain that white lights are prettier. But I was willing (eventually) to compromise on this – since we’ve always had colored lights because it is what my husband prefers – however, there were none available. (So I suppose that means that colored is more popular and perhaps my taste is incorrect?)

At any rate, it’s going to be an artificial tree this year. It makes sense in that the basement redo is still incomplete (though getting close). We’d be pushing it to try and get it finished and still have time to go out and get a fresh tree. Plus, with a dog who likes to chew (as our severed FiOS line can attest) and who prefers wood to all other chewing things, a real tree would be awful tempting. I’m sure that he’ll chew on the artificial tree, too. Thus, we opted for a more, shall we say, economical model this year. If this experiment is well-liked, we’ll invest in a big nine footer with a thousand lights and with limbs that bounce back.

I do get annoyed while tramping around the field looking for The Perfect Tree. I’d usually be fine with any tree out of about three or four of them, but Bren’s always on a hunt. I think I’ll probably sort of miss the real tree, but we can always go back. 

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