the blue chair

Goodbye blue chair. 

No matter if someone takes it home (for free!) or not, I am parting ways with my blue chair. It’s been with me for a long time now. I took it with me to my first apartment and sat and made quite a few phone calls (on a phone with a cord*) from it. 

Then once Brendan and I were married we had just a few pieces of furniture. He had a recliner (also blue) and I had the blue chair. Our first night at our new house was on an air mattress with just the two chairs and a little TV. 

The chair though, has seen better days. It’s been shredded in spots by cats, and is all around worn out. At our last yard sale I put a “FREE TO A GOOD HOME” sign on it and though a few people seemed to think about it, no one took it. At the end of the day, I couldn’t bring myself to take it to the Salvation Army with the other things that didn’t sell. I’ve always intended to recover it. 

This time though, it’s not coming back inside. I will miss it, I am sure.



*When the phone cord wasn’t plugged into my modem, or someone else wasn’t using the line for IM or Napster…

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