summer’s end

summer: plums at the market

Recently I’ve joined up with our friend Keith and some other folks and started taking more photos. We give ourselves an assignment every two weeks. This time around it was my turn to come up with the theme/assignment and I chose “summer”. Of course, I should have picked “natural disaster” or something… In an effort to break out of my box/shell a little bit, I even took the camera along with me to the market today.


summer: peach crates at the market

Turned out to be OK. I’m always a bit hesitant shooting in a public spot. I tend to just take a snap or two and quickly put the camera away. In this case, it meant that my white balance was still set on “cloudy” which though it was actually cloudy, ended up over-exposing things slightly. I need to just forget about what other people think I’m doing and take my time. Neither photo ended up “bad” and I did pull down the exposure a little in some post-processing, but it’s still noticeable. Next time I am out and about, I’m going to focus on what I’m doing and not worry about being noticed.

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