today seems so boring

In comparison to yesterday, today is incredibly uneventful.

As I’m sure everyone knows, we had a bit of an earthquake yesterday around these parts. I was actually in the middle of a conversation with Brendan when it hit (we were both at our offices). At first, I just assumed someone was moving furniture. I mean, who thinks earthquake? Especially here. I’ve certainly never felt one before. But once Bren said the word to me, it made more sense. 

Unlike others on my floor and in my building, I opted to stay inside until we were officially told (about 20 minutes later) to leave. My office is an interior one, with a support beam running down beside it. Plus, I was able to make a call or two from my office phone and didn’t have to rely on the cell. 

Thankfully, Brendan was able to get a hold of our daycare provider and pick the kids up within the hour. On the other hand, I had to wait for my normal bus which ended up being about an hour late due to traffic. At least I had the good sense to go straight to the bus stop after being evacuated. I may have had to wait about two hours for a bus, but I was near the front of the line and managed to get a seat. I felt really bad for the folks who were later to the stop, or waiting down stream for it. There was simply no room. 

All in all, it was not the most unpleasant experience, and through it all, texts were going through to those I needed to get in contact with, and everyone waiting at the bus stop was cheerful enough. 

Of course, now that I know what an earthquake feels like, I never need to experience one again. Right?

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