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In my quest for knowledge about my family history, I have been hoping to find a way to figure out where exactly in Poland and Lithuania my relatives were from. The Polish part is proving to be very difficult. 

My Lithuanian relatives were a little bit easier thanks to my great-grand uncle Mike. He was born in Lithuania and came over with his parents. While his parents did not become citizens, Mike did. Because he served in the Navy for the U.S. in WWI, he had an easier path to citizenship. Still, it wasn’t until 1951 that he became naturalized. It was not the easiest process to figure out, but once I determined who to write (NARA of the mid-Atlantic), I was able to get a copy of his naturalization records. They came today. I was a bit pessimistic because of the length of time that had passed between his birth in 1896, and his naturalization, and because his Social Security application lists Maryland as his birthplace; however, there was a town listed as his last foreign address.

Takniskiai, Lithuania. It’s certainly rural. But it’s a place. 

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