blast from the past

The past few months, Bridget has become completely obsessed with the Transformers. Not the new ones, but the classic ones. At some ridiculous hour (4am or so) the old school episodes are on and so very excitedly, Brendan set us up to record them and he and Bridget faithfully watched them all. And then there were no more new ones to watch. They went back to the beginning and started showing the first (and second?) series again.

So Bren has taken it upon himself to acquire the rest of the classic episodes. Maybe 40 or so of them in total. Every evening it’s pretty much the highlight of her day. Today, before putting on another one, I asked (ok, I whined a little) “Do we have to watch Transformers?” and she looked at me and said, “Um, Yeah.” (DUH!)

I’ve been signing the theme song in my head for weeks. It’s so damn catchy.

I’m also convinced the Autobots weren’t smarter than the rest (Decepticons, Insectacons, Constructacons… so many -cons, I can’t keep them all straight), but just luckier.

I do appreciate Bridget’s need to be a completist on the subject and to have to watch them all and to watch them all in order.

Maybe we can get her hooked on She-Ra or Voltron next…

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