that’s a wrap

It took two evenings, but I think I have finished wrapping this year’s presents. We had some really lovely metallic wrapping paper from IKEA. It was just about enough for everything that wasn’t from Santa.

It seemed much easier this year and I attribute that to the fact that most things were either in regular boxes or fit into one. I’m pretty proud of the way they all look. 

There are things that I never considered before. Like, what paper will Santa use? The same as the rest of the presents and if asked “Santa knows what wrapping paper we have!” or use some different paper and hope that the kids don’t come across it one day. And what about handwriting? So many variables. We settled on special paper for Santa gifts (blue) and some really old (circa 1998) name tags. Santa also writes like a serial killer — in all caps.

At the moment, everything is neatly in my closet. I wish that I could put at least the ones for other people under the tree now, but John doesn’t have any self-control (and I don’t have much extra paper).

Festivities start this weekend with MuskoX-mas, and Christmas with Grandma. Last year’s MuskoX-mas coincided with the first really big snow of 2009. They are calling for some this weekend, but so far it’s not the two feet we got last year.

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