johnny gets his own post

Poor John doesn’t get enough blog-love devoted just to him. 

I’ve resolved to try and change that ever so slightly and endeavor to increase his name over there in the tag cloud. 

He’s an adorable child. Fond of building and stacking, climbing things (as you can see), and slowly working on some words, but pretty much everything is a form of “Bah!” but, things he “says” are: cup, belly button, Bridget, block, Dad, Ella (for both cats, poor Bettis), book, plus probably more that are escaping me at the moment.

One thing that he is not doing is walking. Only lately has he started taking steps with one of us holding his hands. I’ve caught him standing without holding onto something just a handful of times. I know he’ll do it in his own time, but I was convinced he’d be a little on the early side. He’s been standing up since he was five months old. And I know once he gets going, there will be no stopping him. 

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