necessary evils

We’ve got some flex spending account money to spend before the end of the year and so we decided that we should both get some new glasses. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was five and I’m pretty much blind without them. But it never changes too much. So I just planned on heading to the place in the mall where we’ve been before (and my prescription is on file), picking out some new frames and giving them some money. But no. It’d been over two years since the last time I’d been (Brendan was all set to get an exam, but I just wanted to skip it), and they wouldn’t allow me to just get frames. They literally said that to me “you’re not allowed to do that” and that “my prescription was expired” like it was some controlled substance that I was trying to obtain. Instead, I was willing to overpay for glasses I could get online, plus extra for lenses because the prescription is powerful, not to mention the scam that is the anti-glare coating. But no. I had to have a freaking exam. Actually, I think I would have just walked out if Brendan hadn’t already had his eyes checked and had frames picked out as well. The kids were not happy. I was annoyed. So I waited. Ages. And got the stinking exam. And guess what, one number went from -3.25 to -3.5 (they made such a point to tell me), big deal. 

I do like the new frames I picked out, though. I’m hoping that I’ll still like them when I can actually see myself with them on.

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