more stuff we said we’d do gets done

One of the things we have always said we would do is to scan the negatives of our wedding film and add them to our digital gallery. Brendan completed the black and white ones years ago, but the remaining 400 something photos have been sitting there, waiting. Finally, yesterday we packed them up and shipped them off for scanning. In 4-6 weeks we should have digital copies of our wedding and honeymoon photos. 

Since we were going through all things wedding, I pulled out a box we’ve got sitting around with notes our wedding guests wrote us on small (business card size) cards. We look through them every once in a while, and a lot of them are warm wishes, and thanks for having us at your wedding type notes. 

And some are more awesome.

By far, our favorite has always been this one from Brendan’s brother and his wife (though I suspect mostly Pat). 

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