maybe someday

Any time we drive through rural areas, be it on the way to the cottage, on the way to visit friends in Pennsylvania, going to pick apples (you get the idea), I get this intense urge to want to leave the suburbs (where I’ve always lived) and live in an old farmhouse with acres and acres.

Such a place (Maple Grove Farm, pictured above) does exist in my extended family. This is the farm where my grandmother grew up. No one lives there. I think it has indoor plumbing (there’s electricity for sure). Sometimes I dream about leaving here and moving there. Sure, there’s no job waiting for me (or Brendan), but who cares! Lets go!

But I sort of wonder if we’re cut out for it. Right now, I think I will settle for living vicariously through people who do live on acres and go from there. 

Plus, we do have the cottage to go to.

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