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Yesterday, Bridget asked about one of the photos from our honeymoon that’s hanging up in the dining room. It was that question that led me to pull out our our travel memorabilia. 

The photo was one from our day near Amden. In my opinion, it was easily the most picturesque place we’ve been. And as I’ve written previously, we had a lovely room and enjoyed the company of some guests and the proprietors.  But my blog post didn’t reveal the name of the place we had stayed. Thus, I pulled out the big accordion folder where I keep all our travel ticket stubs, brochures, receipts and postcards. Of course, I had notepads or pamphlets from all the other Swiss places we stayed except for this one. Fortunately, we still had the big book of Minotels from the trip and this one was marked (not that there were many in the area to begin with) – The Bellevue in St. Gallen. Perfect. 


The hotel isn’t a hotel anymore.  It’s a Buddhist retreat. I guess that means that we won’t be able to go back and visit. Not 100% a bad thing though; now we can’t be disappointed that our stay the second time is not as wonderful as our first. 

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