snowball, please?

I’ve was off from work this Monday and Tuesday as our daycare provider is on vacation, and so I took the kids up to my parents’ house in Arbutus for a little visit. I had the perfect afternoon in mind: we’d hang out at the house for a while, have lunch, and then walk down to the corner of Sulfur Spring Road and get ourselves snowballs; then we’d walk back, take a trip over “the little bridge” (above) and run around in the sprinkler in the yard when we got back since Bridget would probably be sticky. 

Things did not go as planned.

There are TWO snowball stands at the same corner and both of them were closed. And there weren’t any signs with hours, so there was no telling when they’d be open (if at all on Monday). So instead we went down to Rita’s. I love Rita’s, but there’s one down the road here at our house, so it wasn’t really special. If we hadn’t been on foot, we’d have gone down the road a bit to the Ice Cream Cottage, but it was too far to walk. After we picked up some water to take with us on the way back, we did at least get to go across “the little bridge”. However, the sprinkler was a bust. Bridget got in her suit and we got it all set up and she wasn’t having it. Didn’t even get a tiny bit wet.

Ah well, it was still a nice visit with my mom.

Thing is, I am still, two days later, thinking about that damn snowball. I want one. I might have to start my own stand in order to get one “Baltimore style”. It didn’t even occur to me that snowball stands might not exist in Virginia. I’ve lived here for just shy of a decade and it never occurred to me. I never wanted one. And now, now I can’t stop wanting one. 

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