“Mom,” Bridget asked the other night, “why is there a hole in our ceiling?”

“Go ask your father.”

You see, we’ve had this hole in our ceiling in the kitchen for I think about four years. I honestly can’t remember what came first, the hole, or the birth of our first child. I think it was the hole. We came home to a water stain one day (our shower in the master bath is right above) and Brendan cut this hole to see what was going on. There’s no pipe or anything there, turns out we just needed some more caulk.

So why then, you might ask, is there still a hole in the ceiling? Brendan is very good with drywall repair. Well, it happens that the kitchen and the room off of it (the kids’ play area) is the only part of the house with ugly popcorn on it. So we want to replace the whole ceiling. But if we do that, then we might as well take down the paneling (that’s thankfully painted cream) on the walls of the play area. If we do that, then we might as well take up the stained Berber carpet that’s in the play area and the peel and stick tile in the kitchen. You see, it’s not really just the ceiling that needs fixed, it’s the whole room.

So we have a hole.

(I have seriously thought about contacting some remodel show on HGTV and begging for a renovation.)


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