double trouble

This past weekend, my college roommate Chris and her daughter Evelyn came for a visit. The girls are only 5 months apart and they had a lot of fun together. It was Bridget’s first sleepover, and they stayed up late late late on Friday night giggling and being silly in her room. There were a lot of reasons why they couldn’t sleep. And endless stream of reasons. Eventually though, they did go to sleep. (Not that anyone really cared they were awake. Who hasn’t stayed up late at a sleepover?)

There was a lot of running around the house, making messes and general four-year-old (Bridget is almost 4, I think of her as 4 at this point anyway) shenanigans.

Saturday afternoon the girls all went to see The Nields do a kids show at Jammin Java. I haven’t seen The Nields since college. It was a lot of fun. (Though since they are originally from the area, there was an abundance of friends and family, and it sort of felt like we were the only ones there who didn’t actually really know them.) Bridget spent a lot of the time standing front and center at the base of the stage (she really wanted to get on it) and just staring at Katryna. She’s that perfect age where she will just dance and spin and not really care (or know) that anyone is watching her.  

Once Chris and Evelyn left on Sunday, Bridget declared herself officially bored. And then took an EPIC nap.

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