Yesterday evening when we got home from the grocery store, Bridget said she saw a shooting star (i.e. a place) and made a wish. But she didn’t remember what she wished for. It got me thinking, what would I wish for?

  • To eat dinner with both of my hands and as slow as I wished because no one was crying or needed to be held or fed.
  • That people who really need naps would actually take them. Every day.
  • Zero whining.
  • A magical cleaning fairy. One that did laundry, washed dishes and cleaned up toys. I’d settle for Mary Poppins’ magical abilities.
  • A pony. Or chickens.
  • A maintenance-free vehicle. Or at least one that didn’t currently have it’s check engine light on even though we just spent a bunch of money on it this summer.
  • A city house and a country house.
  • Clothes that always fit.
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