too hard, who knew?

Apparently, it’s impossible for a supermarket bakery to make a cake that is "not in the book". We called them all and explained that we wanted a custom cake that was not in any of their books; we just wanted a cake that looks like a ladybug. But they all either flat out said "No" or went to look in the book anyway and then said no.

I’m looking at a bakery brochure for one of the supermarkets, and it has a whole section on birthday cakes and says "Your next birthday party is sure to be a smash. We have cakes for everyone in mind — just pick your favorite theme! Or, if we don’t have exactly what you want we’ll help you design your own." (emphasis mine) Then to the right of that little quote is a photo of a cake with bees on it.  But this particular store was one that had a whole lot of trouble even understanding what we were asking for and Bren just said "You know, I don’t think this is going to work out" and hung up. Just not worth it to get a cake that I’d probably end up submitting to CakeWrecks.

 Maybe we just should have said, "Do you make round cakes? Do you have red icing? Can you put black polka dots on the red iced round cake?" But seriously, it should not be that hard.

All the stand-alone bakeries close to us "don’t do that" so we’re out of luck on that front. And I don’t need something along the lines of a Duff creation so I think we’re on our own. 

I don’t know that I’m going to attempt to decorate a round cake as a ladybug. I have zero confidence that the dots wouldn’t look like little mounds of poo. So I think the plan now is to either look for ladybug toys to put onto the cake, or to maybe decorate strawberries to look like bugs. Or something else entirely. Rest assured, no matter how pitiful the cake is, I’ll post photos.


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