Since this weekend is the only weekend in May that we had absolutely no plans made we just decided to relax at home and do a few things, but not too much. So far, it’s been a pretty easy task to accomplish.

 Yesterday Brendan took down the Japanese Maple that totally died in the front yard. It was partially dead when we moved in and slowly just kept dying. I know those things are crazy expensive, and I feel a little sad that it died, but when the tree guys were here a few years back they said there wasn’t really anything that we could do. Oh well.


Today, I made bagels. I was a little dubious at first, I thought it sounded a little bit too easy, but they turned out pretty great. I am just a little bit proud of myself, actually. 

 Later, Bren and Bridget are headed out to Home Depot for some stuff for the seemingly endless backyard drainage project.  I kid, because it is 10,000 times better than it ever was before, and there is just a little regrading and grass seeding that still needs to be done. Honestly, our backyard is the bane of my existence. 

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  • Hey, the reason the grass kept dying was because it was under water every time it rained. If we can keep it at normal levels, we should be good to go.

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